Monday, 14 April 2014

OOTD: Clashy Monochrome Prints

 Hey everyone,
I don't do many OOTD posts but I know its something a lot of you like reading/looking at so I'm trying to do a few more, even if its just one post a month :)
These pictures were actually taken a few months ago, but I completely forgot about them until I just found them. The picture quality isn't great, they were only taken on my iPhone, so sorry if the pictures aren't clear!
I absolutely love black and white clothing and decided to throw together three very different prints to create a clashy monochrome print look. The skirt has birds printed on it, the body is a gorgeous rose print and the blazer is described as 'scratch print'. I liked the look of the three together, even though I would never normally wear three different prints at once!
Skirt - Asos, Shoes - New Look, Body - Motel Rocks, Blazer - River Island.
Hope you enjoy these type of posts, I'll definitely try and feature them a bit more! :)
Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x


  1. That blazer is so cool! It really pulls the entire outfit together.
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