Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Haul: Kiko Cosmetics Sale

Hey everyone,
This is actually two different hauls, so I’ll do them in two parts. One was from a 30% sale they had in November, that I never got round to posting and the other is from late January where they reduced items from their limited edition collections.
Kiko are quickly becoming one of my favourite makeup brands, they're not too pricey and I'd say 90% of everything I've tried has been amazing. I especially like their lip products, they are really hydrating, smell/taste great and don't cling to my dry lips. They definitely make up a large part of my lipstick/balm collection and as you'll see from this haul, I'm not done yet buying Kiko lip products! They just work perfectly for me.
These are the items I got in the 30% off sale:
Kiko Lip Relief Intensive Lip Balm £5.90
I love all of Kiko's lipsticks and tinted lipbalms so I really wanted to try one of their original lip balms. As soon as I saw 'intensive' in the description, it appealed to me straight away. I haven't actually tested this out, I have about 10 different lip balms open, I'm half way through a lot of them, so going to wait until I finish a few of them before I open any more! This lip balm is said to soothe irritations with immediate relief and also claims to perform a rapid healing response, whilst preventing future chapping. Sounds great to me!
Kiko Latex Like Lipstick in '02 Iconic Magenta' £7.50 £5.25
This was from the 'Dark Heroine' range (my favourite ever limited edition Kiko collection) and this is definitely one of my favourite formulas when it comes to Kiko's lipsticks. Its pigmented, really hydrating and glides on so smoothly and this shade is absolutely gorgeous. I've enjoyed wearing it so much in the winter months, but I would say it is more of a plum shade than magenta.
Kiko Dark Heroine Face Brush £15.90 £11.13
Another item from the Dark Heroine collection is this amazing double-ended face brush. I just can't get enough of this brush. The rounded fluffy end is perfect for applying blush and the smaller end with the dense bristles is amazing for contouring. It doesn't shed, washes up well and is not only dense but also super soft too. I can't fault this brush, its perfect!
Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick Set £16.90 £11.83
The last thing I got in the sale was this exclusive set as part of the Christmas gift set range of five Ultra Glossy Stylo lipsticks, which retail at £4.90 each, so this was a bargain. I already have an ultra glossy stylo and really liked it so this was an easy purchase for me. These are quite sheer if you apply them sparingly, but can be really quite pigmented if you build them up. They're really glossy and super hydrating, I love these! This set has a great range of shades and the colours included are: (left to right) 821 Pearly Natural Sand, 822 Pearly Calypso Rose, 823 Pearly Poppy Red, 824 Pearly Peach and 825 Pearly Hot Pink.
This is what I got in the January sale:

Hair Shadow in '02 Violet' £8.90 £4.40

Recently, hair chalks have become so popular and having never tried one, this was such an easy choice for me.The ergonomic design of these mean they fit perfectly in your hand so you can apply these with ease. I have tested it out and it shows up so easily in my light brown hair. I love the idea of these giving such vibrant, yet temporary colour. I will do a proper post on this when I've tried it out in my hair and styled it etc :)

Colour Impact Eyeshadow Palette 01 £16.90 £8.40

I absolutely love this combination of shades and they are all SO richly pigmented. The packaging is one of my favourites ever too, its so well made and a really great design too. I had never tried Kiko eyeshadows before but I am definitely intrigued now. I'm not sure I would have paid nearly £17 for this palette, but I think for £8.40, I got a huge bargain! 

Velvet Stick Blush in '04 Cadillac Pink' £7.90 £3.90

 I picked this because, I thought this would be perfect for on the go application, but also because I loved the colour. I've been wearing pale pink lipsticks a lot lately, so really wanted a pale pink blush to go with them. It is lightly vanilla scented, like all their lip products too, which I really like! This is so pigmented and you only have to use a tiny bit, and the colour looks so pretty on, I love it! I really like the ease of using this product, you can apply it straight to the cheek, then blend with your fingers. I will definitely be on the look out for similar products in the future!

Virtual Dream Lipstick in '04 Modern Hot Pink' £7.50 £5.20

This lipstick is a gorgeous rich wine shade and is very similar to the Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish matte lipstick in 107 in colour, but has more of glossy finish. This is so, so pigmented and I wanted to love it because it glides on so smoothly, even when I haven't applied a lip balm underneath, but it just will not apply to the inner part of my lips and I have no idea why. So pretty much a third of my bottom lip, stays its natural colour, so it just looks really weird. I will try it with a lip balm underneath and see if it makes a difference, because its such a shame as the formula is amazing other than that!

Latex Like Lipsticks in '03 Glare Fuschia' and '04 Plastic Red' £7.50 £3.70

I absolutely love these lipsticks, I already have them in two other shades and I get a lot of wear out of them. Red isn't a shade I would typicallt go for, but I couldn't resist for only £3.70. The formula of these are amazing, completely non-drying and they just glide on so smoothly. They have a beautifully glossy finish and are a bargain for £7.50, so £3.70 was a great price. I love how hydrating these are and the pigmentation isn't sheer, nor is it full coverage, its inbetween, which is my favourite type of formula.

Overall, I am so happy with literally everything I bought and will definitely be keeping my eye out for any future Kiko sales! They never fail to impress me and their prices are so good considering the quality of the products.

Thanks for reading!

What do you think of Kiko Cosmetics?

Emily :) x


  1. I can't believe the price of that lipstick, such an incredible bargain and the eye shadow palette is beautiful :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Yes, such a bargain! The palette is gorgeous, such a nice combination of shades :) xxx

  2. Holy sweet lipstick heaven! And that eyeshadow palette! Why is Kiko not available in the US!! Great haul - can't wait to see more Kiko items from you.


    1. I am so addicted to lipsticks right now, its becoming an unhealthy obsession! Such a shame its not available to you in the US :( xxx

  3. The lipsticks look lovely. I keep meaning to go online and have a nose, I am temped now :) xx

    1. They are gorgeous, I love them! You should definitely go and have a look :D xxx

  4. I love the eyeshadow colors!!!!!

    1. Me too, such a great combination of shades :D xxx