Sunday, 2 March 2014

First Impressions: Soap and Glory ‘Girl-O-Whirl’ Cosmetics Kit

Hey everyone,
A few weeks ago I picked up the Soap and Glory Girl-O-Whirl Cosmetics Kit from Boots for £12 reduced from £40. I haven’t tried much of Soap and Glory’s cosmetic range at all, so it seemed like a good idea to get this kit to test the brand out a bit more. I would have never paid full price for this, purely because I find the packaging really impractical and bulky, but for £12 it was an absolute steal. Even if you took out the removable items (the mascara and the gloss stick) and never used the rest of the kit, you would still save £6 on those alone! I am thinking of buying a Z Palette so I can remove the eyeshadows in this kit and put them all together in the palette, along with some other eyeshadows I would like to depot too.
The first thing I noticed about this was the packaging. It is large, nearly the size of an a4 sheet of paper and cheap looking, in my opinion. The packaging comprises of a black case with a glossy effect and the Soap and Glory logo is embossed on the bottom right handside of the case. It is a relatively hard case, although the top of the case has a padded texture, the sides of the case where the red zip is located are a much softer flexible material.
Inside, the top of the case has a built in mirror which was very poor quality and if you not holding the mirror very close to your face, you are very distorted and warped. On the other side of the case is a thin plastic insert which houses all the makeup, the sort of thing you would throw away in normal packaging. I really think they could have made a plastic double layer palette or something to vastly improve the appearance and quality of this product.
Lid Stuff Eyeshadows
Left to right: (top row) Vanilla, Wild Blue, Black Gold, (bottom row) Minky, Dandy Plum and Smokin'.
There are six eyeshadows included in the Girl-O-Whirl kit, all of which are full size and can be bought in sets of four as part of the Lid Stuff palettes that retail at £10 each and come in three different colour combinations. There are two matte shades (Vanilla and Smokin') and four shimmer shades. Vanilla is also embossed with the Soap and Glory logo which I think is a really nice touch.
All shades are pretty pigmented and seem to blend nicely. The textures are relatively soft, but nowhere near as velvety as say the Urban Decay or Illamasqua eyeshadows that I love. Overall, these are nice eyeshadows in some really great colours and will be a welcome addition in my predominantly nude eyeshadow collection. There is also a double ended eyeshadow brush included, its not the best quality but its not terrible either!
Super Colour Fabulipsticks
I'm not sure which colours are which but the shades included are: Naked Beige, Guava Rama, Red My Lips, Missing Pink, Perfect Day and Man Trap. These six shades make up the whole Super Colour Fabulipsticks range and if you want to buy one full size, they will set you back £9 per lipstick. I have heard great things about these lipsticks, so I'm really excited to see what they have to offer, I've had Man Trap on my wishlist for ages! I'm not used to applying lipstick with a lip brush though, so I don't know whether that will make much difference, but we'll see! There is a double sided lip brush included.
Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara
A full size Thick and Fast Super Volume Mascara is included and this usually retails at £10. After reading the reviews on the Boots website, I have extremely high hopes for this mascara and cannot wait to see how it performs! I can't imagine it replacing my beloved YSL Volume Effect mascara as I have been using that for two years now, and I have tried a lot of mascaras during that time but none of them even come close to it!
Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in 'Nudist'
This is a full size Gloss Stick and retails at £8. I have actually already got this, after receiving it for Christmas in a set of three of the Soap and Glory Gloss Sticks. It is nice but I'm not mad about it, I prefer lip products with a bit more colour. This is more or less completely transparent and has very little colour pay off, but does give a lovely glossy effect to the lips. I much prefer the other shades in the collection which have a better colour payoff.
Solar Powder
This powder gives a beautiful effect to the skin, very subtle and natural, despite the slight shimmer running through it. This is described as a 'bronzer/highlighter brick' and I just use it as a bronzer, mixing all the colours together. I love the design of this and the embossed logo effect is great, this is full size and usually retails at £11. It isn't the most pigmented, but it is easy to build up and feels lovely and velvety on the skin.
Glow All Out
This powder gives a beautiful luminious effect to the skin, it leaves a very natural, delicate sheen on the skin, perfect for a gorgeous radiant look. I really like this powder and love the fact its versatile, you can sweep it over your cheek bones to lift and provide dimension to the face or dust all over for a radiance boost. This does not look shimmery at all and just leaves your skin looking dewy and healthy. This is full size and retails at £11.
There is also a little brush to apply the powders with, it doesn't feel/look like its great quality but its a nice addition.
Overall, my first impressions of this kit are very good and I'm really glad I purchased it, although I will definitely be depotting everything than can be removed and putting them in a Z Palette.
Thanks for reading!
What do you think of Soap and Glory's cosmetic range?
Emily :) x


  1. Loved the post! I don't own any of the Soap and Glory cosmetic line, but I do own their Hand Food and looove it. I want to try their sexy mother pucker gloss as well, apparently it's fantastic!
    I'm following you :)


    1. Thank you! :) I love their Hand Food hand cream as well! :) xxx

  2. Love your honesty in this post. I hadn't seen this particular set before, but I think I would have assumed everything would be removable as I agree that the packaging seems bulky and impractical. I'm excited to see how you get on with the mascara as I'm looking for a new one and I've also heard great things it!
    Megan | Lazy Thoughts

    1. Thank you! Yes, that's exactly what I thought :) I will definitely try and get a review up soon :) xxx