Friday, 7 February 2014

OOTD: Burgundy Love Hearts

Hey everyone,
I’m going to try and feature some more OOTD posts on my blog as its something I love to look at on other blogs and it makes a change to all the beauty side of things. I’m not really a fashion addict, beauty and makeup is my passion, but I still love the feeling of buying and wearing a brand new outfit or even finding something old you completely forgot about just as much as the next girl :)
Here’s just something I wore this weekend when some friends were visiting. Really simple, really inexpensive, really comfy and if there’s something I look for in clothes it is definitely comfort, no matter how good high waisted jeans/leggings look, there’s no way I’ll even attempt to wear them as I find them so uncomfortable!
IMG_5700 number 2 best
IMG_5733 number 2
IMG_5751 number 2
IMG_5756 number2
The last picture looks like I have half an arm missing where my skin is so pale it blends into the colour of the walls, haha. Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, they were only taken on my iPhone. My camera has rarely taken any good picture indoors, unless it is a closeup of something, so I didn't even bother trying to use that!
Burgundy Bowler Hat (New Look) - here
Burgundy Heart Print Blouse (New Look) - black or mink version here or burgundy shorter version here
Black Leggings (H&M) - similar here
Black Wedge Ankle Boots (New Look) although you can't really see them!
Cosidering I rarely shop in New Look, I managed to pretty much make a whole outfit from their clothes, haha. But when I saw Victoria Beckham wearing a Burberry shirt that I absolutely loved and I found a dupe of it in New Look for only £17.99, how could I resist? Then my lovely Fiance surprised me with a matching hat at Christmas :)
I also included some close up pictures that are a little bit clearer so you can see how I did my makeup, I've been practising with my eyeliner flicks! :)
IMG_5760 number 2
IMG_5784 number 2
Finishing with some snaps with me and my two favourite beings, my wonderful Fiance and my beautiful little doggy :)
Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x
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  1. I have this shirt and I absolutely love it - I wear it all the time hehe.
    How cute is the mink pink version too? :)

    Ellis Tuesday

    1. Yes, I love it too :D the mink version is lovely! Definitely tempted to buy it! :) xxx

  2. The love heart print is so lovely and the colour of that shirt is also really nice!

    Millie x

    1. I love these type of prints too and burgundy is definitely one of my favourite colours :) xxx

  3. I loved this outfit even though it was simple. Have you seen the cat ears bowlers hats? They are so cute, and I think you would look really good in one. I found a really inexpensive on Ebay just fwi
    ~Makaela at

    1. Thank you! I love simple outfits, they're so easy :) Yes, I have seen them, they're adorable :D xxx