Monday, 3 February 2014

Haul: Boots Christmas Sale Haul Part Two!

Hey everyone,
So a while ago I posted about the Boots Christmas sale and what I purchased in it, I did place another order about a week later as more products were added and I couldn’t resist! I bought all of this with my points but it would have only come to just under £35 which is great value for money :) I've spent so much in the January sales and got some of the best bargains ever, so sorry about all the haul posts lately (and probably more to come), but they are popular and I'm pretty proud of some of the bargains I managed to get! :)
Here's what I got in my second Boots Christmas sale haul:
Fearne Hand Saviour Gift Tin £8 £4
For £4 this was an absolute steal, I think its worth £4 just for the tin! Inside the pretty tin you get a 50ml hand cream, 50ml hand wash, 4 way nail buffer, a plastic cuticle stick and a nail file that matches the floral print on the tin. The hand cream and wash smell amazing, I got a Fearne set for Christmas last year and it has such a nice vanilla scent.
Home Fragrance No24 Vanilla and Roasted Chestnut Luxury Fragranced Candle £12 £6
This giant 3 wick candle smells amazing and I just can't get over how huge it is. I was going to buy one of these candles (but a smaller version) full price months before Christmas because it just smells gorgeous, but I didn't in the end and was so glad when I spotted it in the sale :) I will definitely find a use for the pretty floral printed glass pot once I've finished with the candle, any suggestions will be welcome :)
Too Faced Endless Summer Bronzer £25 £12.50
I have no idea why this was in the sale because it isn't part of the Christmas gift items and is still being sold full price at Debenhams and Beauty Bay, so I'm guessing its not been discontinued, so who knows! Everything I've tried from Too Faced so far has impressed me so much, and I've wanted to try one of their bronzers for a while after hearing great things about them, so when I saw this for only £12.50, how could I resist!? This is said to last up to 16 hours, sounds pretty impressive and I can't wait to put it to the test.
Home Fragrance No24 Vanilla and Roasted Chestnut Set of Three Luxury Fragranced Candles £8 £4
These are exactly the same as the giant candle I bought, but for £4 these were a bargain I couldn't resist. I love the scent, they look so pretty on my side and I will find a use for the pretty glass jars - again, any suggestions welcome :)
Sanctuary Moisture Bliss Set of Three Body Butters - £10 £5
I have no idea why I received these as I definitely didn't order them, so these were actually free, it must have been a mistake and I'm definitely not complaining! :)  I love Sanctuary products and have never tried the body butters. This set includes three different types, all 100ml.
French Connection Bath and Body Collection £16 £8
Out of all the products that I wanted to go in the sale, this was one of my top ones. I couldn't justify spending £16 on this full price, so when it went down to £8 I was so pleased. I love French Connection sets at Christmas and the packaging this year was so simple yet so pretty. This set contains a large scented candle that smells gorgeous, a 200ml body butter and 250ml bath foam. Everything smells amazing and is great quality :)
Overall, I got some amazing buys and can't believe this lot only came to £35ish. I'm already excited to see what Boots bring out in their gift range next year as I think this year's choice was so much better than last year :)
Thanks for reading!
What do you think of these sale bargains?
Emily :) x


  1. Holy guacamole you got a lot for the price! That's awesome! That vanilla roasted chestnut candle sounds amazingggg

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. I know! I was so impressed with what I got for the money! The candle is gorgeous, smells amazing :) xxx

  2. Wow great haul! I love the candles, especially the 3 wick one :) x

    Claire | AgentSmyth | Giveaway

    1. I love the candles too, I've never had a 3 wick candle before so I couldn't resist this one for the price! :) xxx

  3. wow that candle is quite big. :) nice items you got there. :)

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  4. please do a review on the endless summer bronzer! also I love the giant 3 wick candle you purchased - such a good deal! x

    International Giveaway with £25 worth of products!

    1. I definitely will :D Yes, it was such a bargain and its huge! :) xxx

  5. Those votives are beautiful! I really like the look of that bronzer, maybe a review please?! :)

    1. I love the design of the votives too :) I will definitely do a review lovely :) xxx

  6. Amazing for £35, and a freebie is always good too!! Love Fearnes stuff, her body range smells amazing!

    1. Yes, totally agree, Fearne's stuff is amazing!
      I couldn't believe I got all of this for £35 :) xxx