Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What I Got For My 21st Birthday! (Michael Kors, Tiffany&Co, Pandora, Neom, Kevyn Aucoin etc) :)

Hey everyone,
I know some people don’t like these type of posts, but I guess they will just skip past this and not have to read it! I also know that a lot of you love these posts and find them quite interesting to read, I personally love reading them as they give me lots of ideas of things to add to my wishlist or to get for other people!
Saturday 15th February marked my 21st year of life – crazy! I had such a lovely day, if you want to know what I got up to, read all about it here. I even got a birthday message from Dappy, to see the picture, have a look on that link! I have never been so spoilt in my whole life and I had no idea about nearly all my presents, I had only asked for a few things and I am so grateful for absolutely everything I received. I feel very undeserving of such lovely gifts, so please don’t think I am bragging, that’s not me at all! :)
So, here’s what I got (I've tried to section them up a bit to make it a bit clearer!):
Cosmetics, Candles and Perfume:
Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules
I have been wanting this perfume for well over a year and asked my Fiance for it for my birthday, I was so excited to try it! Although, I did like this perfume, I think I misunderstood how it works. I was under the impression that it smells different on every person, reacting to that individual's pheromones, but it smelt exactly the same on me, my mum and my fiance! It is a nice fragrance though, it is a very faint spicy almost woody sort of scent, completely different to anything I've ever smelt before. I do really like this, but I don't understand all the hype, yet!
Neom Travel Sized Candles in 'Inspiration' and 'Serenity'
I have really gotten into candles recently and keep hearing amazing things about the Neom candles, so they had been on my wishlist for a few months. I had no idea what scents to ask for so I just asked for the ones that seemed to appeal to me most, which were: 'Serenity', (described as vanilla and sandalwood) and 'Inspiration' (described as violet, chamomile and cedarwood). Serenity is a very woody, relaxing scent while Inspiration is a much more uplifting floral scent. Both are very unique and they have such strong scents, I hope I don't become addicted to these because the full size ones have a ridiculous price tag! My Fiance got these from Achica for £9 instead of £15.
Everyone should sign up to, its a site that has lots of different promotions that run for a few days at a time, for various different products/furniture/jewellery etc. In the past I have ordered Pandora jewellery, Rituals diffusers and these candles all for between 30-50% off RRP!
Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen Trio
Lipstick Queen lipsticks usually cost around £20 each, I think this set was retailing at £40 originally, but when I saw this for £7 from Space NK, it was a no brainer for me and went straight on my wishlist and my Fiance kindly ordered them for me. My most used lipsticks are definitely my Lipstick Queen ones. I love the formula, they're so silky soft and glide on easily, perfect for my dry lips. I wouldn't have chosen these full price as they are described as 'sheer matte shimmer', which isn't my first choice in formula, but I know Lipstick Queen are such high quality, so for £7 I couldn't resist! The shades included are 'The Hustle', 'Cha Cha' and 'Electric Slide'.
Dior Addict Lip Glow in '004 Coral' Color Awakening Lipbalm
I already have the original Dior Addict Lip Glow which is one of my favourite lip products. The Dior Addict Lip Glows are designed to work with your pH levels to create the ideal shade for your lips. The original Lip Glow (001) creates a pinky shade and this new limited edition Lip Glow is meant to create a shade of coral that perfectly suits your skintone. Coral is definitely one of my favourite shades to wear so this was something I had to have as soon as I saw it! My Fiance ordered me this from Escentual :)
Dior Airflash Matte Touch Long-Lasting Airy Powder
This is a relatively new release from Dior, and is part of their Airflash collection, which used to just consist of the foundation but now includes a primer and also this mattifying spray. I do have a shiny t-zone, so I'm always looking for something to give me a more matte finish. Powders seem to highlight any dry skin so I can't really use them and this seemed like a much lighter alternative. I have used this and I absolutely love it! It works amazingly well and I love the flawlessly matte finish it gives. I will definitely be using this on a daily basis from now on :) This was also purchased from Escentual from my Fiance, he spoils me far too much! :)
By Terry Powder Eyeshadow in 'Mure Nocturne'
This eyeshadow was also part of the Space NK order online order that my Fiiance placed for me in January when they were having their sale to put by for my birthday. It was £5.50 reduced from £23.50, which is obviously an amazing bargain. I have wanted to try something from the ultra-luxury brand By Terry for a long time, so when this cropped up in the sale, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test something out! This not my typical go-to neutral brown/beige shade, but I've been trying different things and have really enjoying a plum smokey eye recently, so I really wanted to try out a navy smokey look, so this looked perfect for creating that.
Kevyn Aucoin 'The Iconic Eye Set'
When I saw this in the sale, my eyes lit up, I added it to my bag and went to place my order and it disappeared, 'out of stock'. I was so disappointed but kept checking back every day and it finally came back into stock about a week later and my Fiance managed to order one! This was £24 reduced from £48, which I think is a fair price, I'm not sure I would have paid £48 for it.
It includes a palette (Palette #9) which has the very famous Sculpting Powder in 'Medium', and also the Celestial Powder in 'Candlelight', as well as three eyeshadows (shimmer shadow 'Rose Quartz and matte shadows 'Light Bone' and 'Taupey Grey'). There is also a full size Eye Pencil Primatif in 'Basic Black' (which retails at a whopping £21) and a mini angled eye brush. This set is incredible value for money for £24 and I have been loving using the Sculpting Powder after wanting it for so long!

Kevyn Aucoin 'The Candlelight Kit'

Another thing I saw in the Space NK January sales (and put straight onto my birthday wishlist!) was another amazing kit from Kevyn Aucoin, The Candlelight Kit. This kit includes a full size Essential Eye Shadow Set in Palette #8 (Limited Edition)(RRP £46), full size Celestial Powder in 'Candlelight' (RRP £35), full size Eye Pencil Primatif in 'Basic White' (RRP £21), full size Precision Liquid Liner in 'Basic Black' (RRP £27) and also a beautifully scented miniature candle (the Signature Holiday Votive). This was originally £96, but was reduced to £48, which is ridiculously good value considering that's only £2 more than the eyeshadow palette usually costs!

I am so glad I've been able to delve into the luxury world of Kevyn Aucoin and cannot wait to test everything out fully. I will do a proper review on this ASAP, I know the pictures aren't very clear, it was so gloomy for days! This was also ordered by my amazing Fiance!

Elemis Body Brush

I've been using a cheap body brush from Boots every day before I bath for about six months now, so was very happy when my Fiance got me this much better quality one from Elemis! About six months ago I noticed my first signs of cellulite on my bum and back of my thighs, so immediately Googled 'how to get rid of cellulite'. Everyone kept suggesting body brushes so I went and bought one from Boots. Now, I have a few dimples here and there but its improved so much, easily like 80% better! So, if cellulite is something you've got an issue with, get yourself a body brush!

Presents From My Best Friends

My lifelong best friend Rachel H, bought me everything above and she also got me a really lovely Pandora charm which I've not included in the above picture because I've put it with the other jewellery I was lucky enough to receive! This may seem like a strange selection of gifts but they all mean something to us! She got me a Wasgij puzzle as she knows how much I love doing jigsaw puzzles, the one she chose has a football theme (something you may not know about me is that I'm a dedicated Chelsea FC fan)!

The stuffed crocodile toy was something she was meant to bring me back from work months ago (she works in a toyshop), so she included him in my birthday present. She knows how much I love animals and that I'm a sucker for any sort of soft toy and I can't say I have any other crocodiles in my collection, haha. Wine Gums because Rachel knows how much I love sweets and the photo frame she bought me so I could put a picture of us as kids in it. She actually tried to get some pictures printed but the machine wasn't working!

As if this wasn't enough, I couldn't believe she got me a lovely Pandora charm too (which you will see later on in this post)!


My other best friend, Rachel D, who I've been really close friends with since we were about 10/11 (and have lived nine doors away from for that whole time!) bought me an amazing hamper full of 21 goodies! I was so shocked when she came to my house with this that I got all emotional and I was choking back the tears! She'd decorated it all so beautifully and scattered '21' confettis all over everything, and all the items included she'd bought especially as she knows me so well! I just thought it was such a good idea and was so overwhelmed with how much trouble she'd gone to to make such a wonderful gift. She also got me a personalised Moonpig card with pictures of my little chihuahua all over it!

As if that wasn't enough, on my birthday she had the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen delivered to my house!

I can't believe how huge they are! I've never received any flowers like this before. They were decorated with little 'congratulations' confettis and a big '21' sign too. The flowers were all sprayed with pink glitter too, they were just incredible. I've never seen anything like it! I love the pink theme, I love how beautifully they were presented, I just love everything about them!

I feel so lucky to have such lovely friends, who were not only so generous, but also so thoughtful when it came to making my 21st birthday so special. If either of you are reading this, I love you both so much :)

Random Bits:

My Mum and Dad got me this amazing puzzle made and I love it so much. As I mentioned above, I love doing puzzles, its something me and Mum have always done together. We can just sit for hours chatting at our dining room table while doing a puzzle, no one else I know likes them, but we just love them! These puzzles are cut with 'whimsys' (which are basically just puzzle pieces shaped like objects or animals, for example the rabbit shown above). They are more difficult than a regular puzzle and are considerably more expensive, but this is something I'll treasure forever and will always remember that I received it for my 21st birthday :)


The Chihuahua cushion was from my Fiance and I love it (anything Chihuahua themed is good in my books)! I got two of the traditional 21 keys, one from my Fiance and one from his lovely Grandparents. I've been getting into baking lately, so my Mum and Dad got me a cupcake book, the DVDs are from my fiance and the Malteasers are from my Mum and Dad and the other box is from Rachel D's Mum, who is amazing and knows all my favourite chocolates, haha!


Two of possibly the cutest cuddly toys in existance! My Mum and Dad got me the 21 themed bear and Luke's Nan and Grandad got me the really adorable little dog. They are now sitting proudly together on my bookshelf :)


Luke's Mum and Dad really spoilt me with such lovely presents. They got me my current favourite perfume that I'd received a sample of (which I fell in love with) and had been wanting for months, Jimmy Choo's Flash. They also got me some other bits to go with it; some really cute gingerbread men socks from Topshop, a mini box of Celebrations, a Champney's hand and nail cream (which I've been loving), a 21 mug (from the same range as the cute bear my Mum and Dad got me) and also a little set of three Sanctuary products (a brand I love)! I love absolutely everything they got me and have been enjoying using it all so much :) 


Luke, my Fiance, got me this absolutely stunning blue Orchid. Blue is my favourite colour and Orchids are definitely one of my favourite flowers. So this is my perfect flower and they last for weeks! This is still sitting, just as vibrant as it was in this picture (over a week later!), on my bedside chest of drawers. I love this and I will be buying another one as soon as this one dies! :)


My Mum is (and has always been) the present buyer, my Dad and shops...they don't mix well, haha. So when my Dad handed me these on my birthday I was so shocked! He had gone into town the day before (in true man style, haha) to buy me these beautiful Pandora earrings. I absolutely love them, they are so perfect :)


My Mum and Dad also got me this 21 charm for my Pandora bracelet, which I really wanted! I was given my Pandora bracelet for my 18th birthday and have an 18 charm too, so definitely wanted a 21 charm :) I really like the style of this one and it looks so pretty on my bracelet, which is all silver themed!


This is the charm my best friend Rachel H bought me along with all my other lovely presents! This one has got to be my favourite present though :) I absolutely love owls, that's no secret, so this charm was perfect!


My Fiance, Luke got me this beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet with a love heart charm. I love this bracelet so much and I am already looking at buying another Thomas Sabo bracelet in different colours, they're so simple and relatively inexpensive (its the charms that are expensive), but I still think they look great without charms too :)


A lovely lady my Mum works with bought me this pretty Oasis watch. I don't own a watch so this was a really great present for me and totally unexpected! I really like the snakeskin print and the fact that all the detailing is silver, I'm not really a gold/rose gold person, so this was really such a good choice!


I had been lusting after a Trollbeads bracelet, ever since I got given a catalogue in John Lewis one day a few months back, so was so pleased when my Mum and Dad got me one! If you haven't heard of Trollbeads, please go look at them, they have the most amazing, unique and intricate charms. A lot of them are fairytale or mythical themed, which is just so me! You have to buy the lock seperately and Mum picked a gorgeous little Elephant themed lock which I love! This is one of my favourite presents and I've already bought a few charms for it :)


My Auntie and Uncle bought me my first charm for my Trollbeads bracelet, this ridiculously cute little Turtle. He's so detailed, even his little belly is all pretty :) Everyone knows how much I love animals, so this was the perfect start to my bracelet! My Auntie told me that her Grandson actually picked it for me, he's only eight so a great choice from him!


Luke's Auntie got me this really pretty delicate little silver bracelet. I love slight delicate chains and don't have a bracelet like this at all, so this was such a great gift for me and is perfect for every day use! I like that its such so simple and would have definitely picked it myself.


Luke's Nan and Grandad got me this silver heart necklace and I think its so pretty! Its another thing I would have definitely chosen for myself. They are such kind people and got me some really lovely birthday presents, and they even baked me a huge chocolate cake :)


My Fiance got me this gorgeous Tresor Paris bracelet that I picked in their sale, it was £30 reduced from £149, total bargain! I think its really gorgeous and something different to the typical shamballa bead style that they are so famous for. I love the little case it came in too, so unique!

My Fiance also got me four pairs of Tresor Paris stud earrings, again they were in their January sale and were a lot cheaper than normal, they were between £4 and £7 a pair from what I can remember! They're all different sizes (6mm, 8mm & 10mm) and I was so desperate for some earrings, I don't think I own more than three pairs!

I used to have my ear stretched to 8mm from when I was 14 and only took it out last year, so have always just worn a plain stud in the other and now finally my ear is back to a normal size, I can wear a pair of earrings, wahoo! So I'm looking forward to buying lots of new earrings :D


I have wanted this Tiffany necklace for so, so long! My Auntie and Cousin both have it and I absolutely love it, its so pretty and makes a change from the very thin, delicate chains that I am so used to wearing. I was so shocked when my Fiance gave me this, I was not expecting it at all and have been going on about it for years! I have been wearing this so much since receiving it, I don't want to take it off...ever!


After receiving my necklace, can you imagine my shock when after I had finished opening all my presents Luke pulled out from his pocket another little blue box. I thought it was a joke and that there would be something funny in it! It was the matching bracelet, complete with the cutest little note! Every day I tell myself how lucky I am to have such a wonderful Fiance that I've spent nearly six years with as it is, then he goes and spoils me like this and I just feel like I am undoubtedly the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Clothes/Michael Kors Handbag!:

My Mum and Dad got me this absolutely gorgeous Michael Kors bag. I literally think it is my perfect bag! I think this is the most beautiful colour and the bag is so structured and well made. It has loads of different pockets and actually features a zip, unlike a lot of the Michael Kors tote bags. I love the silver hardware and much prefer it to when the zips and detail are gold. This is definitely one of my favourite presents and I will definitely be using this all the time now.

This absolutely gorgeous coat from Miss Selfridge is yet another present from my ridiculously generous Fiance (what did I do to deserve all of this, Luke?!). I love wearing this coat, it gives something extra to a normally boring outfit and although I'm not really a pink kind of girl, I absolutely adore the colour of it. Its perfect for winter/spring! I will get so much wear out of this in the months and years to come :)


This T-shirt is from River Island and I just love a simple baggy t-shirt, so this is my perfect top really. Not much to say about this one, its simple and easy which is what I like :) This was another present from my lovely Fiance, Luke!


I am so in love with this simple slouchy jumper from River Island, it has a little bow at the top of the back which just gives it a little something. Its so comfy and actually looks really nice on, I love the marl style fabric. They have this in some other colours but are out of stock in my size which is a shame! :(

This jumper was also purchased by my incredible Fiance. I just want to say that I had no idea I was getting half of what I did from Luke and I am so grateful for having him in my life. He is my soulmate and I love him with all of my heart. We have been together for six years (officially) in May, coming up to one year engaged in April. I did write a post about my wonderful proposal, if you want to read that you can find it here :)


My Mum and Dad got me the last three things from Jack Wills, a shop that I've grown to love so much recently. All three items were in the January sale and Mum ordered them for me and I completely forgot when it came round to my birthday! I love the Pheasant print on the long sleeved top and think its something really different :) The cardigans are both lovely and I can't decide which colour I like best yet! 

  I can definitely say, this is without a doubt the most spoilt I have ever been and I am SO grateful to everyone. To everyone I didn't mention that got me money, thank you so much for that, you all know how much I love to go shopping, although I am thinking of getting driving lessons, which would be more sensible! I am the luckiest girl in the world and am still in complete awe of everything I got! I hope you enjoyed this post and didn't see it as me bragging or anything, I really don't want to come across like that :)

Thanks for reading!

Emily :) x