Friday, 3 January 2014

Haul: Big Lush Christmas Sale Haul!

Hey everyone,
This year I really got into Lush products and especially their bath bombs, bubble bars etc! I loved their Christmas range so when I found out that Lush had a 50% off sale on all their Christmas stock on Boxing Day, I made sure my Fiance would take me there as soon as it opened :) Luckily we arrived a bit early because there was a queue outside when we arrived! I had already decided what I was hoping to get and I really wanted the big White Christmas set so I had my fingers crossed that no one else in front wanted that set too.
When the doors opened everyone literally ran in there, so I made my way straight to the back where all the Christmas gift sets were with Luke and I could see the White Christmas set and there was only two left, one was already being taken off the shelf and Luke was just standing there staring at the shelves trying to work out what one I wanted (he was looking straight at it!), so I pointed to it and he made a grab for it and luckily we managed to get the last one, woohoo! Everyone wanted that set so we were very, very lucky! :)
I also picked up some other bits too, so here’s what I managed to get :)
White Christmas Gift Set £67.95 £33.98
I managed to get this amazing, huge gift set and I absolutely love it. It has 17 products comprising of: bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps and more, most of which are from the Christmas collection, but some are from the normal line. This set contains: 120g Snowcake Soap, Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, Father Christmas Bath Ballistic, 100g Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Snowman Bath Ballistic, Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic, 100g The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, 200g The Comforter Bubble Bar, Bombardino Bath Ballistic, 100g Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, 100g Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, 200g Gold Fun, Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic, Secret Santa Bath Ballistic, Luxury Lush Pud Bath Ballistic, Dragons Egg Bath Ballistic and 120g Angel's Delight Soap. So far I've used Golden Wonder, Father Christmas, Christmas Eve and Christmas Penguin and I absolutely love them all. SO happy that I bought this amazing set!
Baby Frosty Gift Set £9.75 £4.88
I just couldn't resist this little guy, look how adorable he is! This includes the Butterball Bath Bomb and the Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb. I haven't unwrapped him yet because he looked too cute like this, and I have plenty more bath bombs to get through!
Igloo Gift Set £19.95 £9.98
I picked this gift set as I've never tried any of the Fun range before and thought they looked really interesting :) This gift set includes: 100g Blue Fun, 100g Green Fun, 100g Red Fun, The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar and the Snowman Bath Ballistic. I love how it was packaged and think it was great value for money, working out at £2 per product.
Best Wishes Gift Set £13.50 £6.75
I was going to buy this gift set full price, so was really happy to see it in the sale. It includes my favourite bath bomb, Golden Wonder and two other products; the Luxury Lush Pud Bath Ballistic and 120g Snowcake Soap (which smells amazing). Its beautifully packaged and working out at £2.25 for each product, its amazing value.
Santa Baby Lip Tint £5.50 £2.75
I've never tried a Lush lip tint before but I love their lip scrub so I wanted to try more from their lip range. There was only one of these left so I was really glad to get this for half price :)
Buche de Noel Cleanser £6.35 £3.18
I have never tried this before but had heard great reviews on it, there was only two tubs left, so I just picked one up and I have been using it most nights and at first I absolutely loved it. I've never used a product that made my skin feel so soft and clean, but two days later I woke up and I had broken out in spots. I've stopped using it and my skin is still clearing up from it, but its definitely been getting better since I stopped using it, so I'm pretty sure it was this that caused it. I'm so disappointed because at first, I loved this, so I'm hoping if I try it again in a few weeks time, it won't have the same effect, but we'll see!
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb £3.30
This was full price, but I have never tried this before so wanted to test it out! It is only available from Halloween until 'the first signs of spring'. I'm really excited to try this one :)
I got some amazing bargains and was incredibly lucky to find everything I wanted. There was no individual bath bombs/bubble bars from the Christmas range left, no Snow Fairy, so I just headed straight from the gift sets and there was quite a lot of choice :) I will definitely be hitting the Lush Boxing Day sale next year, hopefully it'll be 50% off again! I also came home and ordered some bits on the website as they had different products in their sale, so some more bits should be on their way to me too, so I have enough products to last me all year!
Thanks for reading!
Did you get anything in the Lush sale?
Emily :) x


  1. Wow, so much Lush products, you're so lucky! That White Christmas set looks absolutely amazing xx

    1. I know, I got them for such a bargain, I couldn't resist! :) The White Christmas set is incredible, absolutely love it :) xxx

  2. Amazing, you got SO many products! They look great, bet you can't wait to try them all out x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. I know! I did go a bit OTT, but it was so worth it, I'm enjoying my baths so much! :) xxx

  4. Wow what a great sale! You got some amazing things.So jealous! :)


  5. I love the Lush stuff and you got them for an amazing price as they hardly have a sale! I just love the comforter bubble bar :) x

  6. Looks like you got some bargains in the Lush sale. I love how pretty the packaging is for the gift sets.

  7. you got some amazing bits! can't believe how cheap everything was! xx