Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Glossybox January 2014

Hey everyone,
Last month I was entitled to receive my December box for free as I had collected 1000 Glossydots, but sadly I never received the box. It must have got lost in the post, I spent a long time trying to get a reply from Glossybox, I sent numerous emails and tried phoning countless times, but it still took around two weeks to get a reply to my email, to which they said they would send a replacement. I waited another week and still no box, so I emailed again, phoned several times, eventually leaving an answer message and I also left a Facebook comment. I got a reply to my email finally a week later saying they were now sold out and that they would refund my Glossydots and add an extra 250.
I am annoyed that I didn’t receive my January Glossybox, but I am pleased that I received my Glossydots and some extra ones too.  I do feel that the customer service wasn’t the best I’ve experienced, but I also appreciate that it was all happening over the Christmas period which is obviously very busy and I know they were out of office for quite a while too, so I’m not holding a grudge! :) So, that’s why I didn’t post a review of the December box!
Anyway, thankfully I did receive my January Glossybox! The theme of this month’s box was ‘Back to Basics’ and it was designed to ‘help you start off your New Year beauty regime the right way’. I like the idea of this box, which is all about getting back on track, which is great for me because my skincare and beauty routine is actually non-existent right now, oops. I used to always use a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, night cream etc every morning and night, but now I use nothing, so I really need to get back into my old routine!
So, here’s the January Glossybox!
They have changed the box and it is much sturdier and has a glossy finish, which makes the Glossybox name much more appropriate! The ribbon used is larger and thicker and has the Glossybox name and logo printed on it and the logo is also printed throughout the inside of the box and lid. Overall, the change in the appearance of the box is a very positive one for me, it looks a lot better and gives it a slicker more expensive appearance, in my opinion.
The Glossybox magazine is still included and this month really focuses on the whole New Year detox and healthy eating and exercise, which really isn’t something I ever focus on, but I’m sure it is really helpful and informative to so many people. The magazine is really professional looking with glossy pages throughout and there’s always really good information included in every issue, so definitely worth a read.
There is also the same ‘your products’ card included, which is just a breakdown of the products included in your box with a brief description and also application information, prices and where to buy the product. Sometimes there are also offers available, for example discount codes to use on the brand included in the box, this month we were given a 20% off code for One Stop Beauty, which sells Real Techniques brushes so I’m definitely going to take a look on there and also a 25% off code for The Vintage Cosmetics Company, which is great :)
Here's what is inside this month's Glossybox:
Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches
I've been wanting to try more from Anatomicals after receiving a cooling spray in a Glossybox last summer. I have never tried any sort of under-eye patches before, so I'm really interested in testing these out. I'm a really light sleeper so I don't ever really sleep for more than two hours without waking, so consequently my eyes are always bloodshot and I usually have some sort of bags under my eyes, so I'm looking forward to seeing if these work for me! They are meant to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and also revitalise the delicate skin under your eyes. Inside the cardboard pouch is two sachets, each including two eye patches, so enough for two applications, a pack of three retails at £6 on Asos.
Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream
I received two 3g samples of this Moisturising Skin Cream from Yu-Be, a brand I have never heard of until now. This is a Glycerin based moisturiser from Japan enriched with vitamins B2, C and E. It is suitable for use on all dry skin areas of the body, including face and lips, which is great because I love multi-use products. Full-size retails at £13.50 for 33g and is available on One Stop Beauty.
The Vintage Cosmetics Company Floral Slanted Tweezers
These are so pretty, pale yellow on one side and adorned with a gorgeous floral print on the other side. I have used these and they are really good tweezers, not the best I've used but they are still very good! These are slanted tweezers which I much prefer to pointed-tip or flat-tip tweezers. Retailing at £8 each, these are definitely the prettiest tweezers I've ever seen!
Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion
I absolutely love the Vaseline spray moisturisers and this is the lotion equivalent to the spray I use. This is a relatively light moisturiser and sinks into the skin pretty quickly and it also has a gorgeous scent. This is only a 50ml travel sized bottle, full size retails at £4.99 for 400ml. Its not the most hydrating I've ever used, but it isn't a thick intense moisturiser that takes forever to sink into the skin, so its good if you just want something quick and easy.
Balane Me Super Toning Body Wash
Balane Me are a brand I haven't previously used but are definitely a brand I'm interested in. They pride themselves on their products having 99% or even 100% natural origin, which is pretty impressive! This is a 50ml sample, with a 250ml bottle (full size) retailing at £10.25. I didn't expect this to have a nice scent but it really does, its a subtle citrus scent. This sounds like a lovely body wash and I will definitely use it as soon as my Rituals shower gel runs out :)
Overall, the contents of this box are all suited to me which I'm so pleased about. The only criticism I have is that this box only contains skincare, I would have liked to have seen some cosmetics or even haircare in this box. This box is good value for money and I'm really happy with it and I'm loving the change in box design.
Thanks for reading!
What do you think of this month's Glossybox?
Emily :) x


  1. Love the look of this box, looks great! Sorry to hear about your awful experience with Glossybox though, I honestly have never come across worse customer service myself! Least you had some sort of an answer though, and some free Glossydots to make up for it :) Looking forward to getting my box after seeing this! x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. There are some lovely products and brands included :D I know, a lot of people do complain about their customer service :( Hope you get some great products in your box :) xxx

  2. I was really disappointed with the contents and don't think it was worth it. I've cancelled my subscription. Your reviews were really good though. Thank you.

    1. I did think they could have provided bigger samples of some of the products, especially the vaseline product seeing as the full size was only £4.99! No problem, glad you liked the reviews! :) xxx

  3. great post! i really want to get glossyboxes! xx

    i also have a big beauty giveaway on my blog/instagram, its worldwide and easy to enter, check it out if you'd like! xx


    1. Thank you! :D You should definitely test them out :) xxx