Monday, 27 January 2014

Big Haul: Bomb Cosmetics

Hey everyone,
This year I’ve really got into Lush and their bath bombs etc, but I’ve never really tried another brand so I decided to buy some products from Bomb Cosmetics to see how they compare. I used my Christmas money and got lots of different products to try out :)
I tried to pick products from all the different ranges as the choice is massive, this way I could see which ranges were my favourite for when/if I decide to repurchase anything :)
Here's what I ordered:
Queen of the Nile Whoopie Blaster
A Whoopie Blaster is described as a doughnut shaped Bath Blaster but with a generous squirt of pure butters to nourish and condition the skin, all handmade with pure essential oils. I picked Queen of the Nile which is described as a woody, floral fragrance and it smells really good even through the cellophane! This is huge, 140g and costs £2.99.
Pineapple Expressed Bath Blaster
This is just a regular bath bomb, it was so hard to pick just one with 51 different types to choose from, so in the end I picked three, this one being the first. This smells really good, a lovely pineapple scent with hints of lemon and orange too. Pineapple is one of my favourite scents and I just loved the design of this one. This cost £2.09 and is a massive 160g!
Sweet Cherry Pie Blaster
This is another from the Bath Blaster range and is called 'Sweet Cherry Pie', again its 160g of product, but costs a little bit more at £2.29. This smells amazing, cherry is another one of my favourite scents and this just smells incredible, cannot wait to use it!
Coconut Mushrooms Tinned Candle
I got this because coconut is another one of my favourite smells but sadly this is not a nice smell at all. It doesn't smell coconutty and smells slightly like playdough, I will definitely never use this which is such a shame because it was £7.99 and burns for 45-50 hours which is great! I want to try another one but don't really want to spend £7.99 again incase I don't like it again!

Chilla Vanilla Cleansing Shower Butter

This was quite expensive at £7.99 a tub, but it is huge with 320g of product. This is semi-solid at room temperature and you use it as you would a shower gel but it moisturises at the same time. I loved the idea of this and think it will last me absolutely ages. This is vanilla scented with slight caramel undertones, like a tub of ice cream :)

Pina Colada Pout Polish Lip Scrub

I bought this as I haven't tried many lip scrubs and absolutely love my Lush one, so wanted to see how this compares. Sadly it smells awful so there's no way I will be putting it on my lips! Such a shame as it would have been a cheaper alternative at only £2.49 per pot.

Juicy Pineapple Intense Lip Treatment

I bought this because I absolutely love pineapple flavoured things and the name intrigued me too, being an 'intense' lip treatment. Plus, you can never have too many lip balms. This smells and tastes amazing and for £2.49 it was pretty cheap, the choice of flavours was pretty big and I'd love to try some of the others! I really like this lip balm, its so light on the lips, gives a glossy finish and it just tastes incredible!

Vanilla Trifle Bath Blaster

This was the last of the three Bath Blasters that I picked and I picked this one because I love vanilla scented things. This smells amazing, its vanilla with hints of rich custard, cream and caramelised sugar. This one is another large one, 160g and costs £2.09, which I think is so reasonable.

Ripple-licious Butter Loop

How sweet is this?! I think this is such a great design and I like that its only small. This is 30g and costs £2.24. A Butter Loop is a doughnut-shaped slow fizzing bath bomb that releases its cocoa butter (the blue bit in the middle) as it melts. This smells incredible, its a lovely fruity fragrance and there are four other Butter Loops in the range with all different colours and flavours. Butter Loops are just one type of Bath Melt available.

Purple Passion Bath Creamer

There are 43 different Bath Creamers in the bath melt range, so a huge amount to choose from, in the end I went for Purple Passion. Bath Creamers are made from pure cocoa and shea butter and essential oils, they gently melt releasing nourishing and deeply moisturising butters to condition your skin. These are small, only 30g, Purple Passion costs £2.09 and smells amazing - a really nice fruity scent!

Crazy Chic Bath Mallow

A Bath Mallow is another variation of Bath Melt, and the designs are amazing! They cost £2.24 for 30g of product and they look good enough to eat. Crazy Chic is quite a floral scent, its not as nice as some of the others but its still nice, perhaps a little bit stronger than the others. This is a bath melt, so makes your skin super soft.

Coconut Creme Bath Buttercup

This is yet another variation of Bath Melt that Bomb Cosmetics do and there are eight different Buttercups to choose from costing £2.20 each for 30g. Coconut cream has a super sweet scent but still very coconutty, its a nice scent, but not my favourite. Again this is for softening the skin and doesn't work like a bath bomb that fizzes, it just gently melts realising nourishing butters for the skin.

Free Gifts

I have no idea why I received three free gifts but it was a very nice surprise to see on my receipt '+ 3 free gifts'! I'm not sure if its because I spent over a certain amount or whether they were just being nice! But its a really nice touch and I love when companies give you a little free gift in with your order.

Christmas Pudding Bath Creamer

I have no idea what this is, I'm assuming it is a Bath Creamer from the Bath Melt range, just because of its shape and size. The Christmas range is no longer on the site so I'm not sure, but if it is a Bath Creamer it would retail at £2.09. This is a more subtle scent and I really can't describe it, but it is very nice!  

Snowflake's Chance Bath Blaster

This is one of the 160g Bath Blasters from the bath bomb range and would usually cost £2.29. This is another one that smells amazing, sort of florally and its nice and glittery too :) I would have definitely picked this myself so I'm really impressed with this free gift! 

Honey Beach Handmade Soap

Lastly, I also cannot find this on the site, is this Honey Beach soap, which going by the other soap slices would usually be about £2.49. I don't use soaps, I prefer to use shower gels, so I might not get much use out of this. It smells gorgeous though, it smells like popcorn! :)

I am so happy with my order and everything was reasonably priced and I can't wait to see how they compare to my Lush bath melts/bombs. I definitely recommend heading over to the site because the range of products in phenomenal. You can find Bomb Cosmetics here!

This is just a first impressions kind of post, I will do a review post once I've tried the products out properly. First Impressions are so far very good apart from a few items that weren't to my taste in regard to their scent!

Thanks for reading!

Have you tried Bomb Cosmetics before?

Emily :) x

Thanks for reading!


  1. omg this brand seems so cute! lovely haul xx

    1. I agree, they are so adorable! :D xxx

  2. All the Bomb products look amazing - they're so colorful and pretty and delicious - eat your heart out Lush :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I know, they're so cute and the colours are amazing! :) xxx

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