Monday, 30 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas :)

Hey everyone,
I hope you all had an incredible Christmas! I had a lovely time and spent the day eating far too much food and playing board games with my family, a perfect day in my eyes :) I also got well and truly spoilt with gifts from my family friends, Luke’s family and of course my Fiance Luke.
Christmas in the Coulton household is always over the top, we spend far too much and as I am an only child I do get a lot of presents. In no way do I want this post to come across as bragging, because that is something I have never done and quite frankly, really dislike! I don’t upload pictures of piles of my presents on Instagram/Facebook and am only posting it on here as I know its something a lot of you do like to have a nosey at :) I think these posts are harmless and just give people ideas of things to pick up in the sale or things to look at in the future etc :)
So here’s what I got!
Edible Treats
Who can tell I might have a slight sweet tooth? My Mum and Dad got me a huge bag of retro sweets, which I absolutely love and always have. I also got plenty of chocolate treats to get through too! I’m pleased to say that I am making excellent progress! I also might be eating a Refresher bar as I type this..
In the way of haircare my Fiance got me some sleep-in rollers (wahoo!), a Macadamia No Tangle hair brush (very similar to the Tangle Teezer but I think I prefer this one), some Aussie mini shampoo and conditioners and also some Macadamia Oil shampoo. My Mum and Dad got me a Aussie shampoo and conditioner from the volume range and they also got me shine spray by Aussie too which I cannot wait to use!
In the way of body sprays I got all of these! I absolutely love all of them and love the mini ones as they are perfect for popping into your handbag. I accidently put a Batiste mini that I got for Christmas in with this lot instead of an Impulse one, I got a bit mixed up!
CDs & Books
In the way of CDs I got The Killers greatest hits (I absolutely love The Killers) then I got Bastille’s debut album which I am listening to right now and I really like! I got The Mortal Instruments book series (looks really good, I’ve read other books from the same author and really enjoyed them) and my Mum got me this amazing book called ‘Q & A a Day 5 Year Journal’ and you answer the same question on the same date every year for five years and see how much you change over the years. I absolutely love this book and cannot wait to start it. Lastly and definitely not least, I have my signed Frank Lampard books that my Mum paid for when we went to the book signing, they are now my dearest possessions! :)
Random Bits
I got lots of little notepads, pens, a pretty little owl purse, an electric toothbrush, two makeup bags one of which is a beautiful Paul and Joe filofax makeup bag, an owl phone holder, hand warmers and eye mask and a really sweet postcard that my wonderful Fiance got me that says ‘you are absolutely completely and utterly perfect’, aww :)
Jewellery & Keyrings
I got so much pretty jewellery this year! I got lots of little silver ankle bracelets, a pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet set, two pairs of earrings (one pair is beautiful little owls), and the most gorgeous Pandora necklace from Mum and Dad, I love it! Then I also got a Chelsea keyring and another gorgeous keyring, both from my Fiance Luke.
I got some lovely little candles, one of which is a beautiful Yankee Candle in a really sweet gingerbread house themed box, the scent is ‘Christmas Cookie’ and smells gorgeous! I’ve always wanted a Bath & Body Works candle and my Fiance got me this one called Marshmallow Fireside and it literally smells exactly like when you’re roasting marshmallows on a fire, its incredible! I also got a little Downton Abbey themed candle in a Downton Abbey gift set that Luke got me from M+S, its a lovely vanilla scent :) My favourite of the bunch was the ‘Little Hotties’ wax melts and burner from Bomb Cosmetics, the scents are so strong and last for ages. I am definitely going to pick up more scents – Luke got me; coconut, mango, tropical sands and passion fruit, but they have a huge choice and I am addicted, I have been using them every night! :)
I got so many gorgeous slippers! I have really bad circulation so my feet and hands are always freezing so slippers are a must pretty much year round for me. I got some lovely fleece lined slipper socks from John Lewis, some Ugg Scuffette slippers which are literally like walking on marshmallows, a beautiful pair of scottie dog ones from Radley and my absolute favourite pair, a huge pair of scottie dog ones from BHS! These are literally massive, they have tails, feet, huge heads complete with collars and big floppy ears! I can’t get enough of them, I just think they’re adorable :)
I got two beautiful bags! The first is one from Modalu (Pippa Middleton’s favourite handbags, she always wears the ‘Pippa’ style obviously!). I saw this in John Lewis months ago and fell in love and when it had 20% off and my friend was able to use their 20% staff discount on top of it, Luke kindly purchased it for me and put it by for Christmas. The leather is so soft and its such a gorgeous grey colour, completely in love! Luke also got me this gorgeous Ted Baker shopper bag from Bicester Village so it was pretty much half price!
Clothing Part One
I got a beautiful T-shirt from Hype Clothing, a spotty blouse from Asos, a Ralph Lauren T-shirt and a T-shirt from Asos that spells the word 'love' out of lots of birds. I absolutely love all of these :)
Clothing Part Two
I got a long sleeved thermal top from Jack Wills and it was an absolute bargain at £8 down from £46! A blouse from Asos that looks hideously creased and shapeless but it is very nice on and was also a bargain at £7 down from £25. I also got a gorgeous jumper from Asos complete with festive pattern and collar, a long sleeved Ralph Lauren top and a sweatshirt from Asos. So happy with everything :)
Clothing Part Three
My Mum and Dad got me this lovely fleece lined coat from H and M that I absolutely love and they also got me this huge dressing gown from M+S, its so long it touches the ground! So snuggly and warm, I've barely taken it off this whole festive period!
Clothing Part Four
If I am at home I will either be in tracksuit bottoms or PJs, I like to be comfy so I got a pair of Juicy Couture ones (my favourite) in cobalt blue and some black ones from H+M. My Fiance got me some really pretty nighties and some tights which I needed terribly! I also got a lovely lacey bra from H+M, its so pretty :)
I also got some lovely Jimmi Jam PJs, some other PJs from George, Asda and about 30 pairs of socks, I'm not even exaggerating!
Clothing Part Five
My Fiance Luke got me this gorgeous hat from New Look, I have no idea where I'll wear it but I absolutely love it. I cannot wait to get a chance to wear it, maybe with a nice skater dress in the summer :)
Cuddly Toys
My Fiance got me this sweetest scruffiest cuddly dog ever and he even has his own little scarf and passport, aww. He also got me the bunny, which is one of those microwavable teddys that you use to warm you up on cold winter nights. I think she is adorable in her little stripey jumper! My Mum and Dad got me a super cute fluffy owl which is also a microwavable teddy, so now I have two to use! :)
Trinket Boxes and Ornaments
I am addicted to collecting little cute things that I can put on every available surface in my room and my Fiance picked me up all of these gorgeous trinket boxes and ornamants. I absolutely love all of them and they're now decorating my bookcase :)
Skincare & Bodycare
In the way of skincare/bodycare I got a ridiculous amount of products! Luke got me two some amazing Downton Abbey themed products and a set of eight mini bubble baths from M+S. Then I can't remember who got me what but all are from friends/family and include Lush (Candy Mountain, Melting Snowman, Cosmetic Warrior and Snow Fairy (not pictured)), Clinique mini treats, Philosophy, Nivea, Dove, Baylis and Harding, Bomb Cosmetics etc. My bath is my favourite time of the day and I think everyone picked up on that, haha! Either that or they think I smell..
Cosmetics/Skincare Sets
I was utterly spoilt when it came to all these sets! I was lucky enough to get two Sephora limited edition lip sets, the 'Give Me Some Lip' set and the 'Give Me More Lip' set, these look AMAZING! Definitely two of my favourite gifts. I was also very lucky to receive a limited edition Tarte LipSurgence set which features some beautiful shades! I also got a Lancome skincare kit with some of the L'Absolu range, which I am so eager to try. Luke managed to get me a Mac limited edition kit that was available at the beginning of the year and he got it for a great price in Bicester Village! Lastly my Mum picked me up the Too Faced 'Poolside Primping' kit for half price! I could just look at these sets all day, I love them!
Here's the best bit - all the cosmetics I received! I got the Muji storage that I have been after for ages, thanks Mum and Dad! I was lucky enough to receive four lip crayon sets from Boots, the Fearne set, the Seventeen set, Soap and Glory and Ted Baker! My Mum managed to get me five different Dainty Doll lipsticks from Fragrance Direct for the bargain price of £1.99 each, they're all gorgeous.
I got a Mac foundation, a Mac lip conditioner and three lipsticks in the shades 'VIva Glam Nicki', 'Pink Pearl Pop' and 'Chatterbox'. I also got some Topshop makeup; three lipsticks and two highlighters. I got the Santa Lip Scrub from Lush, an Essie nail treatment, two nail varnishes, two lipbalms, a Smashbox eyebrow kit, a Lancome lip stain, a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick, the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette 'Rich Chocolate', the Chanel Les Beiges powder and a Clinique Quickliner eyeliner.
I am ridiculously grateful to all my family, friends, Luke's family and Luke of course for all the wonderful presents that they got me. I was well and truly spoilt and I hope they all felt spoilt by me too!
I know this is a controversial post so I hope I haven't annoyed anyone and that everyone that has read this has enjoyed it :)
Thanks for reading!
What was your favourite Christmas gift?
Emily :) x


  1. Oh, what amazing gifts! I wish I'd received even a fraction of what you got. On the other hand, I'm very good at buying all kinds of gifts for myself, so there were several of those this year :) The Q & A Journal seems very interesting, I might have to look into that.

    1. Thank you, I couldn't believe how many wonderful gifts I received, I was very lucky! The Q&A 5 year diary is amazing, recommend it so much :) xxx

  2. Omg wow, this is the biggest presents post I've ever seen! You are so lucky!! Not bragging at all though, I love being nosy and reading these posts and if people don't like it they shouldn't click to read ;) Hope you had a lovely Christmas x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. I am so lucky, I couldn't believe how many presents I received, I don't think I've ever received this many! I love reading these posts too :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year too :) xxx

  3. What a fabulous selection of gifts! I love the ASOS festive jumper, so gutted that they don't have it in my size anymore. The bags are gorgeous too. I hope you had a great Christmas.

    1. Thank you! I adore the jumper too, its perfect! Such a shame they didn't have it in your size :( Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year lovely! xxx

  4. Woooow you were so lucky! Loved having a nosey at everything, the Hype shirt is so gorgeous!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a great new year :)
    Zelda249 | Beauty, Life, Fashion

    1. I know, I was incredibly fortunate to receive so many great gifts! I love the Hype T-Shirt too :) I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year too :) xxx

  5. Oh my god, I want everything! I love the little trinket boxes!

    1. I absolutely love the trinket boxes too :D I was so, so lucky :) xxx

  6. you got so many lovely things! hope you had a good christmas and have a wonderful new year :)

    1. I know, I was very, very fortunate! :) Thank you so much, I hope your Christmas and New Year was amazing!