Saturday, 14 December 2013

Haul: Kiko (Mostly Lipsticks/Balms)

Hey everyone,
This is a haul I purchased a while ago, but I have been testing things out a bit before posting :) This haul is predominantly lip products because Kiko just have the most incredible formulas and that goes for all of their lip products I have tried, they are all so impressive! All of Kiko's lip products have a lovely subtle vanilla scent/taste which is nice too because its not overpowering at all.
So, here’s what I got:
Night Balm Nourishing Lip Treatment
I ordered this because I have not really seen night treatments for lips before and assumed it would be extra hydrating, which is perfect for me. This is the only product I haven't tried yet because I am saving it for when my lips are really bad as they're not too bad at the moment, thanks to Nuxe's Reve de Miel lip balm! I will do a proper review on this when I have tested it out for a week or so!
Dazzling Highlighter in '01 Moonlight Gold'
This is limited edition from the 'Dark Heroine' collection and it is something I have definitely not seen before, a stick highlighter. This is perfect for easy application as there's no need for brushes etc. I really like this, it does come out quite shimmery on first application but once you've blended it out with your finger it looks so lovely and is a lot more subtle and acts as more of a sheen than anything else. I use this on the highest points of my cheek bones and under the arch of my brows and I think its a great little product.
Eyebrow Designer Gel Mascara
I bought this because at the time it was half price and my current brow mascara from ELF was running low. This is brilliant and really does its job to hold my brows in place all day, its definitely got a thicker consistancy than the ELF one which makes them stay in place even better. I'm really impressed with this and although I wouldn't pay full price for it because the ELF one is only £1 and works well enough for me, it is another great product from Kiko.
pH Lip Enhancer Base and Glossy Balm
This is one of those clever little lip products that react to the individual wearing it to create the perfect shade for your complexion. I am a complete sucker for these and have the Dior version which I absolutely love, so this one being considerably cheaper, was definitely on my shopping list. This is hydrating and has a nice glossy finish and for me this turns to a really lovely pale pink shade that is really flattering but subtle too. This product gets a big thumbs up from me!
Smart Lipstick in '910 Baby Pink'
Described as a rich, nourishing lipstick, I picked this as it is one of Kiko's cheapest lip products at only £3.90, so I wanted to see how it compared to their more expensive lines. They have an incredible range of shades available to choose from which is really appealing. I chose a baby pink shade because I don't own vary many pink lip products at all, opting for corals or reds much more, but I've found I really like pink shades now! This lipstick has a thick consistancy and does tend to cling to any dryness/lines on my lips, which looks pretty awful. I have tried using a lip balm underneath as a base and it still looks bad so I don't really like this lipstick and wouldn't repurchase in a different shade.
Latex Like Lipstick in '06 Attractive Pink'
This is from the 'Dark Heroine' collection and is limited edition, the name appealed to me straight away and I was very intrigued to find out what latex-like lipstick would actually look like! The shade is a gorgeous mid-toned pink and it looks lovely on. This lipstick is hydrating and glossy and doesn't cling to any dry patches/lines too. It is pigmented but its not a bold colour and I really like this, so much so I bought a new one in another shade which is on its way to me now!
Kiss Balm in '04 Cherry'
I have no idea why this is described as cherry, because I would always think cherry would mean a red shade but this is a bright Barbie pink shade. It looks a bit crazy in the tube, but its actually a very subtle pale pink. Its hydrating and doesn't cling to any dryness/lines on the lips and I have received quite a few compliments when wearing this so it is definitely a product I'm reaching for a lot! I already have one of Kiko's Kiss Balms and I absolutely love them, they're perfect for leaving a natural and light wash of colour on the lips .
I Love My Skin Face Kit
Free with my order I received this little face kit, complete with samples of their 24Hr Cream, a day and night moisturizing cream, their Matt Fluid, a mattifying and moisturizing fluid and their eye contour cream, called Eyes Rescue. I haven't tested these out yet but I really like the sound of all of them, especially the Matt Fluid!
Here are some swatches of the highlighter and lip products:
Left to right: Dazzling Highlighter in '01 Moonlight Gold', Latex Like Lipstick in '06 Attractive Pink', Smart Lipstick in '910 Baby Pink', Kiss Balm in '04 Cherry' and pH Lip Enhancer.
Overall, I love everything except the smart lipstick which just is far too thick in consistancy for me, definitely not suitable for my dry lips. But I absolutely love Kiko products and they're definitely one of my favourites, especially for lip products.
Thanks for reading!
What are your favourite Kiko products?
Emily :) x


  1. Great haul! I love Kiko and their lip products and nail polishes are my favorite.


    1. Thank you! I've never tried the nail polishes! Will definitely have to now :) x

  2. Awesome haul! We don't have Kiko around here, but all the lipstick shades are super pretty! Too bad for the Smart Lipstick though.

    1. They are such a good brand, I love all the shades too! :) Yeah, definitely a shame about the Smart Lipstick ! :( xxx