Thursday, 5 December 2013

Favourites: November 2013

Hey everyone,
Can’t believe we’re into December already, the last few months have just flown by, but winter is my favourite time of year, I get so grumpy in the summer because I can’t handle the heat! I’ve picked six of my favourite products of the month, some are old rediscovered products and some are new purchases :)
Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation
This is a rediscovery for me, my Fiance bought me this for Christmas last year and I used it a lot in the beginning of the year but then kind of forgot about it! I have started using it again recently and it really is a great foundation. I have incredibly dry skin at the moment and this is definitely clinging to the dry patches a hell of a lot less than my other foundations. This foundation is oil-free and definitely does a good job when it comes to mattifying, my t-zone is so shiny, but where my skin is also dry most of the time, I can rarely use powders, so this is perfect for my combination skin.
Make Up For Ever products are notoriously hard to find in the UK, but there's a great website that stocks most of their products that I used to buy this foundation, its called Guru Makeup Emporium and you can find the foundation here. This one cost £29.50 and I got it in the shade #25 Warm Ivory, which is suitable for pale skin with a pink tone. I have incredibly pale skin and there are actually two foundation shades lighter than this one, so if you're like me and struggle to find a foundation light enough for your skin, this is definitely the one for you :)
It lasts really well throughout the day and gives a lovely velvety finish to the skin, I've been reaching for this foundation more and more recently :)
DSCF5784 DSCF5785
Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment
This has got to be one of my favourite products of all time, if not my absolute favourite. It is amazing and makes your skin look so much better as soon as you've used it. It is pricey at £39.99 for 30ml (about 17 full face applications or 1000 on spot applications), but its often on offer, my first pot was £29.99 and recently I was extremely lucky to find an amazing offer recently where I got this one but also got a 50ml limited edition breast cancer glamglow treatment completely free, its a different face mask, but I cannot wait to use it. So definitely keep an eye out for offers, especially on HQ Hair, which is where I found both deals :)
This is literally the best product ever if you suffer from blackheads, I get them all over my nose, tiny little buggers that I have never been able to get rid of, or if I do manage to get rid of them, my skin gets used to the product I'm using after a week or so and they all come back again! I use this mask probably once every two weeks and it completely clears them and my skin is just glowing afterwards. I absolutely love this mask and recommend it to everyone so highly!
DSCF5786 DSCF5788
Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in '10 Noir'
I got this little sample of the Le Volume De Chanel mascara free with something I purchased at, It is such a lovely dramatic mascara and really gives a false lash effect. I have been using my YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara for over a year and I absolutely love it, in that time I have probably tried 10-15 sample mascaras/mascaras and none have lived up to it, but the Chanel mascara is a great alternative and I definitely plan on purchasing it in the future! I've included a picture of me wearing it so you can see just how dramatic it makes the lashes :) 

Kiko Kiss Balm in '04 Cherry'

I absolutely love Kiko, especially got their lip products, they are so hydrating and perfect for my dry lips. This is one of Kiko's Kiss Balms and they are amazing, they smell/taste gorgeous and give a beautiful light wash of colour. I absolutely love tinted lip balms, they're perfect for dry lips and give a hint of colour, I'm often not brave enough to rock a bold lip! I always get compliments when I wear this colour, its definitely not autumnal, and I definitely wouldn't describe it as 'cherry', it is a bright Barbie pink with a hint of shimmer. The shimmer doesn't transfer on the lips and the colour is a lot more subtle on application but it is definitely one of my favourites. They are £5.90 and come in 7 beautiful shades :)

Real Techniques Brow Brush

I absolutely love this brush, none of my brow brushes come close. Its the perfect size/shape and is really stiff so perfect for when I'm using powders or waxs. This comes in the starter eye set, and I definitely use this brush more than any of the others. Definitely one of my favourite brushes ever and I came to appreciate it even more when I misplaced it one day and had to use something else! :)

Lancome Artliner Liquid Eyeliner

I use liquid eyeliner most days, this one is my favourite so far and I've tried a lot! This never dries up, lasts about 3/4 months and is an intense jet black. I find this one so easy to use and it glides on so easy, pressing gently for a thin line and pushing down more to make the line thicker. This costs £20, its quite expensive but it really makes a sometimes difficult job, much easier.

So, that's my favourite six products of November :D

Thanks for reading!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites for the month? :)

Emily :) x


  1. Hold on now, a brand that actually has a foundation that might be too light for me! I definitely need to check that out. I also love that glamglow mask. I just finished mine and was so sad to have used it up.

    1. That's exactly what I thought! They're definitely worth checking out :) Yes, it is amazing! I can't get enough of it :) xxx