Saturday, 7 December 2013

Day Seven – What I Got In My Beauty Advent Calendars (Ciate, Benefit, Boots and The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendars)

Hey everyone,
Today was day 7 of opening my beauty advent calendars, which has been amazing and I will definitely get them in the future, every morning I’m so excited to open them! Its good having four as well, because if you get one or two slightly disappointing products, you have another two that are much better! :)
beauty advent
So, these were the four that I picked. For those who haven’t been reading my other posts, I decided to get four as I couldn’t pick just one, so I went on a spending ban and managed to get four, despite Benefit and also The Body Shop’s advent calendars both being very hard to get hold of, so I am extremely lucky!
Here's what I got behind my 7th doors :)
Ciate Mini Paint Pot in 'Fit For A Queen'
When I opened my Ciate Mini Mani Month 7th door and found this, I was so, so pleased. This is my favourite nail polish I've received in the Ciate advent calendar by far. I absolutely love it, I don't think I have any silver nail polishes, so this is perfect. I will probably just use it for the accent nail rather than using it on all my nails. But its lovely and I can't stop looking at it, its so shiny! Very happy with this :)
The Body Shop Honeymania Lip Balm  
In my Body Shop advent calendar I received a full size Honeymania lip balm. I'm really not a fan of honey, or the smell of honey, but I'm hoping this doesn't smell/taste of honey too strongly! I am obsessed with lip balms, so very happy to receive a lip balm :)
Black XS by Paco Rabanne Perfume
In my Boots advent calendar I received this 1.2ml sample of the perfume, Black XS. I have to say, I really don't like this perfume, its too strong and I can't describe the smell at all, but its definitely not for me, I know that! I'm never going to be excited about receiving perfume vial samples, but I understand that Boots couldn't put amazing items behind every door as it was so cheap at only £30! I think I have at least two or three more perfume vials coming my way from Boots, so I'm hoping I like the scents better with those!
DSCF5935 DSCF5936
Benefit's Coralista Blusher
In my Benefit calendar, I got this beautiful blusher. I don't have any Benefit blushers but have heard great things about them, especially this one. This coral colour is absolutely beautiful and I don't think I have anything like it. The only thing I was disappointed with  was the packaging (its really thin plastic, that won't last five minutes), but I can't fault it in any other way! Its a really generous size, you get 3g of product and the full size is 8g and retails at £23.50! I absolutely love the look of this blush and can't wait to see how it looks.
I absolutely love the blusher and nail polish I received today and cannot wait to try them out, I will wear them both tomorrow :) The lipbalm I'm going to leave unopened for when some of my other lip balms run out :) So pleased with my items today, can't wait for tomorrow!
Thanks for reading!
Have you tried any of these products?
Emily :) x


  1. Just dropped in to say that I've really liked these calendar posts of yours. Reading about what you've received every day is -almost- as exciting as having these calendars myself. :)

    1. Thank you so much, its so lovely to hear that! Even if one person is reading them and enjoying them, that's great! :) xxx

  2. Love the Benefit and The Body Shop ones, amazing! How exciting to have 4 gifts a day. I must say the Boots one seems to have an awful lot of perfume samples so I'm quite glad I didn't get that one now, although at least you have others to make it better :)

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. I know! Yes totally agree, in 7 days, two of them were perfume samples! But it was the cheapest by far, so I guess they had to bulk it out with cheap things! :) xxx