Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Day 24 – What I Got In My Beauty Advent Calendars (Ciate, Benefit, Boots and The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendars)

Hey everyone,
Today is the last day of opening my beauty advent calendars and I have enjoyed opening them so much, I’m really sad its all over! But on the plus side it is Christmas Eve and I absolutely love Christmas :) For those that haven’t read any of these posts, this year I bought four beauty advent calendars, completely unintentionally, they just kept bringing new ones out and I couldn’t resist! I had to go on a spending ban for about a month so I could pay for them all but it was so worth it :)
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These are the four that I picked and the only one I can say wasn’t worth the money is the Boots one, the products weren’t varied enough and there was five tiny perfume samples included which I really don’t like because you can pick them up for free in department stores. The others have all been amazing though! Here’s what I got behind today’s doors:(the pictures aren’t amazing because I had to take them at night time and I’ve just been so busy today, so sorry about that!)
Benefit's Dandelion Brightening Face Powder
The last product I received in my Benefit advent calendar was the Dandelion blusher, I have wanted to try this for so long and its the product I am most excited about using out of everything I've received in my Benefit calendar. This is supposed to be perfect for pale skin tones and I have wanted to try it ever since reading that, so hopefully this will work well with my ever so pale skin! It is a really pretty pale pink with a subtle shimmer. Full size retails at £23.50 for 7g and this sample has 3g worth of product, so a very generous size!
17 Blow Out Volume Sculpt Tease Mascara
In my Boots advent calendar I received this mascara from 17, that claims to give x12 volume! You can't really see but the tube is about double the size of a regular mascara. I have been reading reviews and it does sound really good and retails at only £6.29. I am so excited to try this out, I would have never picked this myself but it does look like a really good mascara :)
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
In my Body Shop advent calendar I received a 50ml body butter from the Shea range. I don't generally like body butters, they take too long to soak in, but I haven't tried any from The Body Shop, so there's might be ok :) This retails at £5 for 50ml and it has such a nice scent, its sort of a nutty smell which I wouldn't usually be drawn to but it is lovely!
Ciate Paint Pot in 'Serendipity'
On the final day of opening my Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar I received a full size Paint Pot in the shade 'Serendipity', which retails at £9. When I saw this I was like 'oh my god, this is the perfect nail polish' and I went to use it straight away on my toes but it was so sheer with just a few pink specs of glitter transferring onto my nail on the first coat. I didn't have time to sit around and apply layers and layers of it, so I just used something else. I will try again when I am less busy though as it is simply stunning - a deep pinky purple that is just so shimmery and glittery! This is also limited edition and only available in the Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar. The Mini Mani Month advent calendar is now reduced to £33.50 on Asos! :)
So this is the end of this little series of posts and I've loved doing them and enjoyed receiving my little goodies every day leading up to Christmas so much! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, I am looking forward to tomorrow so much, I just love spending time with my family more than anything :) Merry Christmas to all of you!
Thanks for reading!
Have you tried any of these products?
Emily :) x

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