Monday, 30 December 2013

Best Experience Ever: I Met My Hero!

Hey everyone,
Something you probably don’t know about me is that I love football and I’m a big Chelsea fan. Not exactly typical for a beauty blogger but I have always been a massive tomboy, I only properly got into makeup about four years ago! :)
Weekends at my house are and have always been all about football for me, my family and my Fiance. I’ve always loved Chelsea and all through my childhood it was rare to see me without a football kit on, there is no way you’d ever see me in anything pink and I don’t think I wore a dress until I was about 14.
Anyway, when Chelsea signed Frank Lampard I was about 8 and that was it, I was a child obsessed. Even my goldfish was named after him, the other was called Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the third was called Crespo, after another Chelsea player, I wasn’t a normal child I can assure you, haha. I had posters of him everywhere and he was just my hero. 12 years later and I’m still obsessed. He’s always been my favourite footballer because of how he performs on the pitch but he became my hero because he’s just such a nice guy and not to mention the fact he’s drop dead gorgeous! He’s so articulate and intelligent in his interviews and he actually has one of the highest IQs registered by a professional footballer.
Anyway, he recently brought out three books for children and I was on Facebook a few weeks ago and Chelsea posted that he was doing a book signing at the Chelsea Megastore. I phoned my Fiance straight away and told him he had to move his day off to Thursday so we could go and I was super excited. I definitely cried, haha. I am a massive cry baby but I have wanted to meet him for so long, I just couldn’t believe it was finally going to happen!
When the day finally came, me, my Fiance and Mum drove up to London really early and as we have the worst luck ever something had to go wrong. We were about five minutes away from the car space we rented and then all of a sudden Luke’s car started to play up, it smelt of fumes so badly and it just completely slowed down and we knew there was something badly wrong with it.
We made it to the car space but we were really starting to worry about getting home. It was about a 10 minute walk to the stadium and we got there just before the store opened at 9am. We went in and bought a book each and there was another book I wanted that was a huge book with pictures of all the goals he’s scored from when he started at Chelsea to when he beat the all time goal scoring record at Chelsea; 203 goals. We picked up two of these, one for me and one for my Dad, took them to the checkout and they said they didn’t know if he would sign them because he was only coming to sign his own books and it was completely up to him, so we spent £70 on two books and just crossed our fingers that he’d sign them :)
Then we went outside to join the queue and we were about 10th in a queue that was going to be capped at 200 people. He was due to arrive a 3:30pm so we had a long wait ahead of us! Thankfully it went so quickly, we met some incredible people and had such a laugh. The staff were so nice and friendly and put the top 15 of us in a separate section and gave us comfy chairs to sit on which was great! We could also go off as long as someone held our place, so me and Mum went off for a bit of an explore!
IMG_4394 IMG_4393
If I was a boy my name would have been ‘Osgood Coulton’ after Peter Osgood’, I’m not even joking! So glad I’m not a boy, haha.
Finally it got to 3pm and he arrived early and pulled up right in front of us and headed into the store to set up. About 10 minutes later I was heading into the store to do something I was more excited about than my wedding day, haha. It was something I never thought I’d do, he’s such a private man so he rarely does things like this.
Now, for the best bit, the pictures! I was so nervous, I was trying to smile for the pictures and my whole mouth was just shaking haha so definitely not my favourite pictures but oh well :)
IMG_4429 IMG_4424
He was so lovely and didn’t even hesitate when signing other items. He was so natural with people and spent loads of time with everyone, arriving early and staying late so he could spend plenty of time with everyone.
When we were asked to go over, we kind of just stood there then he said to Mum, ‘are you cold?’ and she said ‘yes, freezing!’, then he replied, ‘oh I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting!’ then Mum said to him at the end ‘thank you so much for doing this’ and he said ‘thank you so much for coming, I really appreciate it and its so lovely to meet you!’. He was just so polite and enthusiastic when speaking to you, he turned to face you and looked you dead in the eyes and it was so nerve wracking!
I went over when Mum was having her books signed and I went blank, I didn’t know what to say. In the end I said ‘can you make that out to Emily please?’ and he replied ‘of course I can!’. Then I said ‘please can we have a picture?’ and he said something like ‘yes definitely, of course you can, come over here!’ then we posed for pictures with me and my Mum on either side and then we thanked him and it was Luke’s turn :)
Luke ended up shaking his hand four times and just couldn’t stop touching him, haha. He asked for a picture and I said ‘sorry, can I get in this one please?’ and he said ‘yeah come on over this side’ and he was just so smiley and nice, so I took my opportunity and said ‘can I have a hug please!?’ and I don’t know where I got the guts to do that from, but I’m bloody glad I did! He said ‘oh of course you can!’ and he turned round on his chair and gave me a big bear hug and I was a big giggly smiley mess for the next…well I still am, haha!. Luke said to him 'oi, watch it Frank!' when he hugged me and he replied while laughing, 'sorry mate!'
We walked back to the car after saying goodbye to the new friends we made in the queue and then we realised the car was not fit to travel in. Luke decided he would try and get it home and me and Mum would get the bus/train. We ended up going on a lovely bus ride through central London and we got to see all the beautiful Christmas lights on Oxford Street, Winter Wonderland and so much more. It was such a great journey and we finally stumbled through the door at 7pm after leaving at 6:30am, we were knackered!
This was beautiful Harrods all lit up! and here was what we came home to:
Haha, it was definitely all a bit too much for poor Luke!
I had the best time ever and I want to do it all over again! It was so worth it and I still can’t believe I met my hero. Meeting him has been top on my bucket list since I was 8 years old, so to finally meet him was incredible. I know this is probably a boring post for most of you, but it was the best day ever for me and I wanted to write about it so I can look back on it in years to come :)
 Thanks for reading!
 Have you ever met your hero before?
Emily :) x

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