Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I Think I Went Overboard Buying Beauty Advent Calendars This Year….

Hey everyone,
I found out about beauty advent calendars last year but they were all out of stock by the time I had discovered them, so I knew this year that was definitely something I would be getting! My lovely Fiance promised me last year that he would get me the Selfridges one, but when it was released I thought it was really overpriced at £84! So he said he’d get me a different one instead :)
In total, I have four beauty advent calendars this year, which may seem so excessive and perhaps greedy, but I have bought very little in the way of new beauty products for well over a month (any hauls I’ve posted in that time are from weeks and weeks ago)! I just love the concept of these and cannot wait to open them on Sunday  morning :)
Here’s the beauty advent calendars I am very lucky to have this year. I’m not going to include spoilers because I’m keeping it a secret for myself!
Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar
Ciate are definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands, so this was a no brainer for me! This was the first advent calendar released and my Fiance kindly bought it for me. This comes with 19 mini Paint Pots (5ml), four textured manicure toppers and a surprise full size Paint Pot! This is still available to buy and costs £42, you can buy it here on the Ciate website, but it is also available on Asos, where you can get student discount :)
Boots Beauty Advent Calendar
When I heard that Boots were bringing out their very first beauty advent calendar this year, I bought it the minute it was released. It is packed with amazing products from some really great brands and cost only £30, the contents are worth over £65! This one is now sold out, so next year make sure you get in quickly, it was available for a good few weeks though.
Body Shop Advent
The Body Shop 24 Days of Joy Advent Calendar
This was the last beauty advent calendar to be released and as I’m relatively unfamiliar with a lot of The Body Shop’s products, I thought this would be a great way for me to test out some of their best products. This one was £55, but I had a voucher from Voucher Cloud, which enabled me to get £15 off, so for £40 with £80 worth of products, I was well impressed! This one is huge, and sold out within days of it being put online, luckily I managed to get one instore, before it was available online. This is the UK’s first Body Shop advent calendar and if you’re lucky you may still be able to get one of these instore!
Benefit’s Count Down To Love Advent Calendar
There wasn’t many of us able to get our hands on one of these, but I am so, so glad that I did! I was poised at my laptop ready to purchase one of these as soon as it was due on sale at noon, but it didn’t go live until gone 2pm. Once it was online, it was announced only on their Twitter, which is something I don’t really use, so I didn’t see the announcement and they sold out in 35 seconds! So, there was definitely very little of these available and after wasting hours of my day, I had the right hump that I couldn’t get one! It seems the only ones I have seen on blogs are PR  samples, but in America this was readily available on Sephora for well over a month, so I have no idea why the UK had so very little stock.
You may have seen my post before about this incredible website I found, Rose's Beauty Store. They stock lots of American brands from Tarte to Kat Von D and even stock all the amazing Sephora collections. I have ordered plenty from this site, it is a bit more expensive than if you were to purchase in the US, but I don’t mind, as everyone knows how hard it is to get Tarte, Bath and Body Works, Sephora exclusives and Lorac etc in the UK.
Well, I have contacted Rose’s Beauty Store requesting products I have seen on the Sephora site quite a few times, so I asked them if they could get the Benefit advent calendar in stock for me. Luckily after a few days, it was on the site priced at £65.99 (I think), which was £16 more expensive than the UK price of £50, but I had a 10% discount code so it worked out £60.28 with delivery (99p per item). So, I did have to pay an extra £10, but its such a great advent calendar and because it was in such high demand (they’re selling at over £100 on eBay!), I thought it was a really fair price.
It isn’t available anymore at Rose’s Beauty Store, but I am so glad I knew of this amazing company, they’ve managed to get hold of some fantastic products/collections for me, so they are definitely worth checking out! If there’s anything you’ve seen, particularly on Sephora or Bath and Body Works, they should be able to get it for you :)
So, I am crazy and have four beauty advent calendars! I will do a blog post every day once I start opening these with some pictures and quick descriptions or reviews for the contents of all four advent calendars. These will provide me with so many products to review, so I’m excited to try out so many new little bits :)
Thanks for reading!
What do you think of this year’s beauty advent calendars?
Emily :) x


  1. great post. By the way I love hertfordshire! Would you like to follow eachother?

  2. The Benefit Advent Calendar is such good value! I wish I got my hands on it! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. I know it is such amazing value! So glad I managed to get it, hopefully next year they will make more of them as they know there is such high demand for it! :)

  3. Wow enjoy all your advent calendars you lucky thing! I love how you're not posting spoilers to keep it secret for yourself - the beauty of advent calenders is all in the surprise really! x
    The Belle Narrative

    1. Thank you, I definitely will! Yes, definitely agree! It makes it much more exciting :) xxx