Friday, 11 October 2013

Review: Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Hey everyone,
Today, I'm going to be reviewing the Nanshy Eye Brush Set*. This set has everything you need to create incredible eye makeup. This set contains seven brushes and I personally think that the seven included are more than enough to create many different eye looks.

The Nanshy Eye Brush Set was only released last week and I'm so pleased I have a set because these brushes are amazing! This set retails at £29.95 and you can purchase it here with free delivery.

The brushes are hand crafted using cruelty free, antibacterial, synthetic vegan bristles. They are so, so soft! Definitely the softest brushes that I own. Some of the brushes are fluffy and some stiff depending on their purpose. They are so dense and extremely well made and I haven't experienced any shedding at all yet.

I absolutely love the style of these brushes, they are so sleek and professional looking. So far, I am so pleased with these and they will definitely be replacing all my No7 & 17 eye brushes and they will even be replacing some of my beloved Real Techniques eye brushes!
Here are the brushes included in the set:

I absolutely love the fact each brush is labelled, this makes it so much easier for someone new to using different eye brushes. You don't often see this with brushes, so I am very impressed! It makes life a lot easier.
Here's all the brushes in all their glory:
Now, I'll show you each brush and tell you how each brush is intended to be used and also talk about my first impressions and opinion on the brush.
Large Shader
The Large Shader brush is used to pack on eyeshadow (cream or powder) for quick and even coverage on the whole lid. This brush does not pick up too much product and applies beautifully. I absolutely love this brush, I tend to mainly just use one eyeshadow, especially when I'm in a rush. You can apply an eyeshadow so flawlessy and easily with this brush and quickly blend out the edges with your finger and be good to go in minutes! Perfect for when you are in a rush.

Blending Eyeshadow
This brush is lovely and fluffy, which makes blending so easy. This brush is self explanatory; you just use this one to blend out any single eyeshadow you are wearing, or blend multiple colours together. This brush is so very soft and just incredibly easy to use, perfectly blended eyeshadow in seconds :)

Eye Crease
This brush is used for adding depth to the crease, usually a darker accent shade, then you can use this brush to also blend the accent colour with the base colour. This brush is stiff enough to pick up eyeshadow, but also fluffy enough to blend out the crease. This brush is larger than the other crease brush included which makes it better for blending, but less accurate in comparision to the 'Tapered 'Crease' brush when it comes to application. I will probably use this one solely for blending the crease shade, rather than applying.

Tapered Crease
This brush is thinner and tighter and allows for a much more precise application to the crease. I really love this brush, it does the job perfectly and is so easy to use, its the perfect size to create depth to the crease. Once I have applied my chosen shade with this brush, I then blend it with the larger crease brush the 'Eye Crease' brush, then blend it all together with the 'Blending Eyeshadow' brush. If you are creating a smokey eyes look, you would apply the darker shade to the crease, so remember to be light handed with this brush as you don't need to apply too much at all.
Flat Definer
This brush is perfect for anything you want to be applied in thin strokes. I have been using this brush to apply a black/dark shade of eyeshadow to outline my eye, so around my bottom lashes in particular but also my top lashes, this finishes off a smokey eye look perfectly. I am going to get so much use out of this brush, it works so well and I find using this brush coupled with a black eyeshadow to give my eyes definition is a lovely alternative to the standard harsh black lines from my regular liquid eyeliner looks. This brush is particularly stiff, so could also be used to fill out eyebrows :)

Angled Detailer
Perfect for all those hard to reach areas, you could use this to apply a lighter shade to the inner corner of the eye to open up and brighten the eyes, to fill your eyebrows and to add definition to the lash lines, as with the 'Flat Definer' too. I find the Flat Definer easier to use as it is slightly stiffer. I will probably use this for filling my eyebrows.

Precise Bent Eyeliner
This is used to apply gel or liquid eyeliner, this is a very stiff and thin brush, so will create very precise lines. This is the only one I haven't tried as I don't use gel liners and my liquid eyeliners all come with their own brush, that I find easy to use but I will definitely try this in the future.
Overall, these brushes are really amazing and I have been able to experiment so much more as these brushes make everything so much easier. The brushes I was using before were nowhere near good enough to create even a smokey eye. I assumed that it was just something really difficult to do, but now with the right brushes, its so much less challenging.
I would recommend these brushes to everyone and anyone and will definitely be telling my friends all about them :)
*PR Sample - All opinions are my own.
Thanks for reading!
What are your favourite eye brushes?
Emily :)



  1. Those are really cute brushes! :)

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    1. Completely agree, they're lovely :) xxx

  2. Oh wow this actually excites me hahah! I've never heard of Nanshy but your review makes me want to try these so badly even though I have the real techniques eye set haha! X

    1. Haha, I'm glad you like the sound of them! I had never heard of them either, I have the RT eye set too, and I definitely prefer these :) xxx

  3. This is a great set. I have been loving my sigma brushes but this set sounds really great.

    1. I haven't tried Sigma brushes, heard great things about them though! This set really is great though :) xxx

  4. These look amazing! I love your blog, I have actually nominated you for the Liebster award but your blog already looks pretty established, sorry if you already have over 200 followers :) if you'd like to take part though please check out the post on my blog below:

    Clare x

    1. Thank you so much and thanks for the nomination :D I will definitely check out your blog lovely :) xxx

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