Monday, 7 October 2013

2013's Beauty Advent Calendars

Hey everyone,
Today I wanted to do a post all about this year's beauty advent calendars available to purchase in the UK. I absolutely love the concept of receiving a little beauty treat every day and will be treating myself to some beauty advent calendars this year, as I didn't know they existed until last year when they were all sold out!

Last year we had the likes of YOU Beauty, Ciate, Selfridges and Liz Earle to satisfy our beauty advent calendar cravings, so what's new this year and what will be returning? :)
Boots Beauty Advent Calendar (£30)
"Wake up every morning to a new beauty treat and fill the month of december with gorgeous gifts to pamper yourself from head to toe.
Featuring brands such as;
 Soap & Glory, Nails Inc, Paco Rabanne, Juicy Couture, Rimmel, Mavala, Umberto Giannini and Many More...."
This year sees the first ever beauty advent calender for Boots! I did a little jump of joy when I saw someone posting about this on their blog and ordered it as soon as it was put online. I've since received it and had to put it in my loft straight away to stop myself from opening it early! This is £30, but the contents are worth over £65, so in my opinion this is a great buy. There are 24 beauty treats included, some of which are full size and some great brands featured. You can purchase this beauty here and get it delivered for free to your local store :) If you decide to purchase the full size versions of any of the products included in the advent calendar, you get triple Boots advantage card points on all of them too.
Ciate's Mini Mani Month (£42)
"Every girl’s diary can now be filled with a daily dose of delectable mini nail treats, as behind each door lies a very colourful surprise. Gorgeously packaged with nineteen of our bestselling mini Paint Pots, four textured manicure toppers from Caviar to Sequin and a surprise full size paint pot, a girl will never be bored with this adorable nail gift."
I know Ciate had an advent calendar out last year, but I'm not sure about previous years. I absolutely love Ciate nail polishes and I am actually wearing two different Ciate shades on my nails as I type this. This advent calendar features 19 mini Paint Pots (5ml), four textured manicure toppers (caviar or sequin for example) and a suprise full size Paint Pot (13.5ml). Considering one full size Paint Pot is £9, I think £42 is a good price but not excellent. I have still preordered mine though!
I think this is such an exciting treat for a nail enthusiast, a Ciate fan or someone like me, that just can't stop buying nail polishes! Ciates nail polishes are really good quality and you can pre-order your Mini Mani Month here.
 Benefit's Countdown to Love (£50)
"Decked out in a mega show-stopping Pop Art box, this countdown to Christmas features a bevy of Benefit bestsellers and three glitzy little look goodies—a charm necklace, bracelet, and an adorable barrette. Open each door for a delightful beauty surprise that awaits every day of the month!"
I think this advent calendar looks so exciting, this is Benefit's first advent calendar and I really cannot wait to get my hands on this. It includes 21 travel sized Benefit products and a bracelet, necklace and barette. I'm not so excited about the jewellery but I am thrilled with the contents of this one. £50 may seem very expensive for an advent calendar, but it is a good price considering what is included. This is great for a Benefit enthusiast or someone new to Benefit, as it is a great way to sample some of the best products the brand has to offer.
You can see what is included here on the Sephora website, it is currently already available to buy in the US, but will not be available to purchase in the UK until 2nd November, at
YOU Beauty Advent Calendar
(Picture shows 2012 YOU Beauty advent calendar)
Last year YOU Beauty released an amazing advent calendar on the Latest in Beauty website to celebrate their one year collaboration, this was packed with products from some wonderful brands. The 24 products included were worth a whopping £210, and the calendar was priced at £59.95! This price actually went down to £29.95 after Christmas, when they were getting rid of the ones they hadn't sold, which is a fantastic price, I just don't know if I can risk waiting, incase they sell out!
YOU Beauty have confirmed their advent calendar will be back for 2013 and will be better than ever. I cannot wait to see what this year's contents will be :) I have no idea when this one will be released!
Selfridges' Exclusive Beauty Advent Calendar  (£84)
"Every Christmas the Lancôme beauty advent calendar is an instant sell out and now it's back exclusively at Selfridges and better than ever.
Filled with 24 luxurious miniature treats to guarantee a beauty-filled festive season, it's a must-have for all beauty fans.
The 2013 calendar contains a selection of fragrances, make-up and skincare from some of the world's biggest beauty brands including Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehl's, Victor & Rolf and more, all yours for £84."
Another returning advent calendar, this one is a costly £84, but does feature some exquisite high end beauty brands. This advent calendar focuses a lot on Lancome, which happens to be my favourite skincare and beauty brand, but I don't think I'm going to have any money left to purchase this one!
This does include some wonderful products and I couldn't rate Lancome higher and I can spot some absolute gems included in this advent calendar, so anyone that chooses to buy this, will not be disappointed :)
To sign up to be the first to hear when this beauty is released click here!
Sadly, for Liz Earle fans, the Liz Earle advent calendar will not be returning this year, but aren't there some amazing alternatives available? This year we really are spoilt for choice, the trouble is, I feel like I want need all of them, haha.
I hope this has helped some of you :)
Thanks for reading!
Will you be purchasing a beauty advent calendar this year?
Emily :) x


  1. These are all so much fun and just adds even more excitement to December! Xx

    1. Definitely agree with you, I can't resist them, so exciting :) xxx

  2. How come I never knew these existed, Oh my gosh I am so excited. Once my pay check comes in I've got to pre-order one of these! So excited seeing all of these, especially the You & Boots ones!
    Thanks for this post!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

    1. I didn't know they existed until they had all sold out last year! No problem, hope you love whichever one you pick :) xxx

  3. these are such a good idea.may need to purchase one of these. knowing me i will just open it all the day it arrives x

    LUVS THAT | Megan and Nicole

    1. I know, they're amazing, aren't they?! Haha, its so tempting, I had to lock mine in the loft, haha :) xx

  4. i'm so tempted to treat myself to one of these but i think my bank balance would hate me aha great range though! i think i'm falling in love with the benefit one!

    Becci x

    1. Haha, mine definitely does, I am definitely skint after buying the Ciate and Boots ones, I haven't been able to buy anything for weeks, so worth it though, haha :) xxx

  5. Hey there love your blog!

    Just wanted to let you know I have now purchased the Boots calendar (had enough points on my card to get it result hehe really will be like a gift every day lol) andddd ... the You Beauty calendar is now available Ive just purchased mines, £49.95 for this years one.

    N x

    1. Thanks so much :) The Boots one is such amazing value! Thanks so much for the link, the You Beauty one looks amazing! :) xxx