Thursday, 12 September 2013

Haul: What I Bought In Boots (Including The Infamous Maybelline Baby Lips and Lots of Lancome Goodies From An Amazing Offer!)

Hey everyone,
So, a few weeks back I went into Boots to take advantage of the latest Lancome offer they have instore and online. I love Lancome, its definitely one of my favourite brands, so much so, me and the Lancome counter manager in Boots are on first name basis, haha. Lancome have some fantastic offers every few months and me and one of my close friends, never miss an offer! I also picked up some other bits in Boots too, so as this was a few weeks ago you may have seen two of them already. So, here's what I got!

Clearasil Spot Treatment and Face Scrub:
I bought these two hoping they would help me with some persistant breakouts I've been having recently. As I am writing this I can confirm I am blemish free for the first time in months, I do have 2/3 red marks where my skin is healing, but other than that I am free from spots, wahoo! I found one of these treatments to work really well, the other not so much. You can see my full first impressions post HERE !
Maybelline Baby Lips:
I knew I had to get these when they became available in the UK. I suffer from dry lips all the time, so lip balms are always on my shopping list. I chose 'Cherry Me' and 'Pink Punch' which are both tinted lip balms and I also chose 'Hydrate'. These were on offer 3 for 2 and only £2.99 each so it would have been rude not to! I have tried only 'Hydrate' and I can say, I really don't like it! It tastes like lemon scented washing up liquid and it is so strong, I cannot bear it on my lips, I have to wipe it off. I really hope the other two aren't like this!
Lancome Offer:
Lancome had an excellent offer on which was; if you buy any two Lancome items, skincare or cosmetics, you would get a free gift pack that includes eight very generous sample sized Lancome products! Then if you bought a third item you could chose to have a full size 100ml Lancome hydration mask worth £32 or a full size 100ml Lancome exfoliator worth £29 for free also! This offer is still available online and instore, the only difference online is that there is no choice between the exfoliator and hydration mask, you receive the hydration mask automatically.
To qualify for this offer, I bought my Fiance Luke a Lancome Men Ultimate Cleansing Gel Face Wash (£21), he really likes this face wash and he says it smells really good and makes his face feel really clean, the tube I bought for him when he was in hospital having his appendix out in late April was running out so this was a repurchase and it definitely lasts quite a while!
I then bought these two items:
Lancome Le Crayon Kohl Waterproof:
I bought this as I need a new pencil eyeliner and it was so soft and pigmented when I swatched it on my hand, I knew I had to have it. This was £18, which is pretty expensive for a kohl pencil, so I hope its worth it! This pencil is waterproof, which is definitely a plus in my books and also come with a little smudger on the end. I haven't tried this yet, as I have been wearing liquid eyeliner everyday lately.

Lancome Blush Subtil Palette in 01 Rose Flush:
This is a palette that features a sculpting powder, a blusher and a highlighter. I bought this as I loved the concept of having all three in one palette and the colours are truely stunning. The colours are pigmented and very creamy and so, so, easy to blend.
The contouring powder is probably the least pigmented, but I imagine this shade is perfect for people like me, with very pale skin, it also has a perfect matte tan colour, not at all orangey. I can imagine this looking very natural and flattering.
The blush is stunning, embossed with the trademark Lancome rose, it is a gorgeous rose pink shade with a shimmer running through it. Once blended out, this shade is so gorgeous. This is probably the most pigmented of the three.
The highlighter is a lovely pale peach shade that has a very slight shimmer, I think this will look gorgeous as an under the brow highlight and also on the top of your cheek bones.
I have only swatched these, not tried them on my face, I have been ill for a week with tonsilitus so haven't worn anything on my face for a week! I will let you know how I get on with this palette and hopefully take some pictures to show you how it looks on :) You can tell this palette is of really good quality as it is just so blendable and creamy, its hard to believe its powder. This retails at £27.

The free gift:
-Bi-Facil Non Oily Cleanser (For Sensitive Eyes) 30ml
-Galatee Confort Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid (For Face & Eyes) 50ml
-Tonique Confort Softening Hydrating Toner (Alcohol Free) 50ml
-Advanced Genifique Serum 7ml
-Hydra Zen Neurocalm SPF 15 Day Cream 15ml
-Hydra Zen Neurocalm Night Cream 15ml
-Hypnose Mascara Black 2ml
-L'Absolu Rouge 06 Advanced Replenishing Moisture Lip Colour SPF 12 Lipstick 1.6ml
As you can see, the samples you receive in your free gift are so generous. I have tried everything in this gift except the lipstick and mascara and I love all of it, particularly the cleanser and toner, I am definitely going to do a review on them soon. The day and night creams are also very lovely too.
Lancome Exfoliance Confort Smoothing Exfoliating Cream:
I have never tried this before, but I think from reading about it it is a very gentle exfoliating cream/scrub particularly good for dry skin. I have tried the Lancome Exfoliance Clarte before and absolutely loved it, but I have never tried this one, So I am eager to see how it compares! As I had purchased three Lancome items I could chose either this or the hydration mask, I chose this because I already have the hydration mask! Its amazing, but I already have a tube and a spare so definitely don't need anymore, haha.
This Lancome offer is available on any Lancome purchases, I think the cheapest thing you can buy is the nail varnishes which are £12.50 and you can find them HERE . I have checked and if you add two of them to your basket, you get the free sample gift set, upon adding a third, the hydration mask adds to your bag. Alternatively, if you spend £50 on premium beauty you get 500 advantage card points (online only). I have checked and this definitely works on Lancome products and you will still recieve all the gifts also, so it really is a brilliant offer!
Thanks for reading!
What are your favourite Lancome products?
Emily :) x


  1. The baby lips aren't that great are they, its really disappointing cause so many people love them! I have all the same ones - Cherry me actually okay but pink punch I'm not a fan of. This Lancôme offer looks good may have to get involved.


    1. I definitely don't like the one I have tried, I'll have to try Cherry Me and Pink Punch and see if they are any better! The Lancome offer is really worth taking advantage of! :) xxx

  2. The Lancome blush looks beautiful! Might have a look next time I'm out shopping. :)

    btw I nominated you for the Liebster award! :)

    1. It is stunning, isn't it!? Thanks lovely :) xxx

  3. The Lancome palette looks lovely, not seen it before but id definitely be tempted by it! x

    1. I hadn't ever seen it before either, as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it, haha! :D xxx

  4. You got so many things and I am incredibly jealous of your haul! I love lancome as well :)

    1. I have been going a bit mad lately with the makeup purchases, I just can't resist when there are offers on, haha! :D xxx