Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Haul: My First MUA & FashionistA Products - Big Haul!

Hey everyone,
So, for a long time I have been wanting to try MUA after hearing such good reviews and recently I finally got around to placing an order. A lot of the products that I wanted to try were out of stock, including the eyeshadow palettes and the highlighter. But I got lots of other goodies to make up for it! :) I also got some products from the FashionistA range.

FashionistA Palette; Blusher, Bronzer & Eyeshadows
Palette: I chose a 4 pan black palette for eyeshadows, blushers or bronzers. This cost £2.
Eyeshadows: I got a rich copper bronze shade shimmer shade called 'Earth Star (Shade 22)' and then a darker brown shimmer shade called 'Subtle Glamour  (Shade 21)'. They are both really gorgeous shades and are really nice and pigmented. An absolute steal at £1.65 each!
Blusher: The blusher shade I got is simply stunning and is called 'Juicy Apricot (Shade 6)' and is a gorgeous peachy pink, with a hint of gold glitter, it is definitely one of the most gorgeous blush shades I have ever seen. I think it would compliment all skin tones which is a massive bonus! It was so hard to photograph and the pictures I have used do not give it justice at all! This little beauty was £1.65 also.
Bronzer: I got a bronzer in the shade 'Paris', when I swatched it, it was a bit orangey, but on application its not so bad! It's not my favourite bronzer, but its definitely good for its £1.65 price tag. There is a lot of fall out in the pan with this though.

Eyebrow Kits
MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit: I like this kit, its not my favourite but for £3.50, I can't really knock it! This universal kit includes three powder shades, a wax, a pair of mini tweezers and a double ended angle brush applicator. The brush is pretty awful, so I won't be using that but the shades are nice and pigmented. The packaging isn't too sturdy and isn't the most attractive but it does the job! A good little kit :)
FashionistA Eyebrow Kit: This is very similar to the MUA brow kit, it is universal, includes 3 shades, a wax, double ended angle brush and tweezers. The brush in this kit is a lot worse than the MUA kit, but the powders are really good and do an excellent job at filling my eyebrows in. The packaging is a lot more sturdy and looks a lot nicer. Overall I prefer this kit, but there's not much in it! This one retails at £7, but I got it half price at £3.50. 
MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow in 'Legendary': This was in the sale and was reduced to £1.50 from £3. These are gorgeous shades but its hard to get a good colour pay off. They are all slightly shimmery too.
MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer: I've heard great things about this, I haven't tried it myself yet but I've got high hopes even with the bargain price of £2.50!
Sheer Finish Lipgloss: I don't usually wear lipgloss, but for the bargain price of 50p how could I resist? I got this in the shade 'Just In Case', which is a very vivd Barbie pink in the tube but on application is very sheer with just a slight wash of colour. This lipgloss is very glossy but not sticky and it actually looks really nice on. I don't like the squeezy tube, I find these hard to apply compared to the lipglosses with applicators. Really pleased with this one!
FashionistA Maxi Moisture Lipstick: I got this lipstick in the shade 'How Do I Look?' which is you can't see in the picture very well but it is a very pink shade, its literally the most girly pink I own. It has such a lovely vanilla scent and applies easily, it takes a couple of layers to be fully opaque and is quite glossy, the only bad point is that it seems to cling to my dry lips. This cost me £1.50 so I am pretty happy with this one, I just think I need to apply a balm or something beforehand.
FashionistA Double Take Long-Wear Lipstick: I got this in shade 4 'Raspberry', this is a deep pink shade and doesn't cling to my lips which is really good. Again it takes a few swipes to get a good colour pay off but it looks really good once it is opaque, its probably not my first choice of shade, I'm not sure it suits me but I would definitely like to try some other shades, as I really like the formula of this one. It does wear away on the inner part on my bottom lip which looks a bit funny, but I'm sure it wouldn't show so much on a paler colour. This one was also £1.50
MUA Lipstick: I got this in shade 7 for the bargain price of £1. The shade is a pale pinky red, It's not massively pigmented and it does cling to every crack/bit of dry skin on my lips, so this one is definitely my least favourite out of all the lip products. It feels nice and light on my lips and smells lovely but doesn't do much for the appearance of them. I like the idea of these lipsticks and really like that they include the tinted lip balm in the bottom of the lipstick that you can screw off and use. I have applied that with a lip brush and find it looks better than the actual lipstick itself.
MUA Bronzer and Blusher
Bronzer: I got this bronzer in shade 1 and it cost me 50p! It has a subtle shimmer running through it which you can't really see on application. It does a lovely job of warming up my pale complexion and I am really pleased with it, especially for 50p!
Blusher: This is one of the new shades and is called 'Cupcake'. It is a lovely pale pink with a tiny bit of shimmer. This gives a very natural flush of colour and the shimmer doesn't transfer on application. There is a lot of fall out in the pan, which is a pain but it did only cost £1!

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist: This was by far the most expensive product at £5, which sounds crazy. I haven't tried this out, but I don't own a makeup setting spray, so I am very intrigued! It does get pretty good reviews, so we'll see!
FashionistA Vanishing Cream: This is a balm described as a skin re-texturising primer to vanish lines and pores. I have tried applying this under foundation and alone and it makes very little difference to my pores, it does seem to mattify my skin though so I will probably just use it for that. It smells really good and was only £3 :)
So, I am really happy with what I got and can't wait to try everything out properly, for £31.60, I am really impressed with what I got!
Thanks for reading!
What MUA & FashionistA products are your faves?
Emily :) x


  1. Interested in the brow kits but is the MUA good?

    http://kirabassett.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

    1. It is good for the price but not my favourite! I prefer the FashionistA one :) xxx

  2. MUA is such good value for money. I really want to try their lipsticks! x

    1. I know, its crazy how cheap it is! I think the lipsticks are a really nice formula, just not right for my dry lips! xxx

  3. I love the look of the MUA things!x

    1. They really are great value for money :D xxx

  4. Ohh all of these look lovely! I really want to try the eyebrow kits, I'm really curious to see how I like it :) Great and so informative post hun!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. The eyebrow kits are definitely worth the money :D Thanks lovely :D xxx

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of the fixing mist, I've never tried it but have always been intrigued by it.
    I love your blog, I'm your newest follower!
    I've recently made a new blog, it'd be amazing if you'd stop by sometime?!

    1. Thanks lovely! I will definitely have a look right now :) xxx