Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Haul: My First Mac Products & First Impressions!

Hey everyone,
So this weekend me and my Fiance went to Brent Cross, for no particular reason! I have never been to a Mac counter before and since joining the blogging world and every single day reading rave reviews about all things Mac, I knew a trip was in order. I was mostly looking forward to getting colour matched for a foundation, as this was something I couldn't really order from swatches online, like I could with the lipsticks (I already knew which shade I wanted from lip swatches).
I was matched as a NW10, I'm sure I would have been an NC10 (if they did that shade), as my skin is very cool toned, not at all warm. The only foundation that came in NW10 was the Studio Fix Foundation, so I got a sample of that to try at home and it is the right colour, wahoo :) I also got a concealer sample, but she didn't write on it what shade it was or what concealer it was, so I have no idea what it is, haha!
So, here are my first ever Mac products!
I didn't go really crazy and I'd heard such good things about the eyeshadows and lipsticks, I decided to just stick with them. I really wanted one of the eyebrow gel pots, that I had seen on Debenhams a few months ago, but they were limited edition :(

I decided to buy a four pan palette and to pick two shades, but oh my god there are far too many to choose from! I only wear neutral shades, I'm pretty sure that's all I own actually, so I knew I'd narrowed it down to that, but there was still loads to choose from! In the end, after my whole arms were covered in swatches, I picked two matte shades. The shade on the left is called 'Charcoal' and the shade on the right is called 'Copperplate'. Charcoal is a standard milk chocolately brown shade but Copperplate is such an interesting shade, its grey but it seems to have a tiny bit of lilac in it. I definitely don't own anything like it!
I then saw this lipstick and really liked the colour. This lipstick is called 'Style Surge' was part of the 'Mineralise Rich Lipstick' range and was slightly more expensive than the normal lipsticks at £20. I just really liked the colour, it was a complete impulse buy! It looks really nice on, the colour is lovely but I'm just not sure about the formula. I don't know what it is, I'm not used to wearing lipsticks because every time I try them, they just settle into the cracks and wear away towards the inner part of my lips within minutes and this one is no different.

 I knew I was going to pick this up before I even got there after seeing such gorgeous lip swatches all the time. This is 'Vegas Volt' and is a beautiful vibrant coral shade from the 'Amplified Creme Lipstick' range. I have tried this and I really don't like it, the colour doesn't suit me at all. It does just settle on my dry skin and into the cracks on my lips. I used a lip balm before applying it and it still happens, so I'm pretty sure its just my lips because everyone seems to love these! I just don't find the application to be smooth at all.

I am disappointed with the lipsticks, but I am going to try and persevere with them! I don't know if its just the vibrant colours that are making my dry lips stand out even more? They just seem to cling to everything and make my lips look awful.

Thanks for reading!

Any suggestions on any good Mac products to try? Also, any help with my lipstick problem would be much appreciated :D

Emily :) x


  1. Anyone that knows me or reads my blog knows I'm a complete MAC addict... I was so excited to see your post in my feed, lol. I'll try to keep this comment short, but I doubt that will happen.

    Some of MAC's stand out products:
    1. Painterly Paint Pot (eyeshadow base)
    2. Pro Longwear Concealer (for undereyes)
    3. Smolder Eye Kohl

    If you are prone to dry lips then I would suggest trying the Lustre finish lipsticks. They are a bit glossier and do not accentuate any dryness on the lips. Lovelorn, See Sheer, and Plumful are all beautiful Lustre finish lipsticks.

    MAC labels their foundations the opposite of what you would normally think in regards to cool and warm. The NW foundations have more pink and the NC foundations have more yellow. I wrote a post about it a while back if you are interested :)

    Copperplate is one of my favorites! Charcoal Brown is great for brows too :) I don't even know where to start suggesting eyeshadows because I love so many, but some of my favorites include Blanc Type, All That Glitters, Wedge, and Satin Taupe.

    Anywho, sorry for the short novel... Shame the lippies didn't work out for you. Did you try exfoliating your lips and applying a lip balm about 15 minutes before applying the lipstick? That should help.

    Thanks for sharing your haul :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Thank you so, so much for this amazing info, Sarah! I will definitely look into the Lustre finish lipsticks and the shades you suggested are gorgeous after looking at swatches.

      I will have to look at the post you did about the Mac foundation labelling and it helps so much knowing they label their foundations the opposite to what I thought.

      All the eyeshadow shades you suggested are stunning, I definitely want Satin Taupe and Wedge now :)

      I did apply a lip balm but I will try exfoliating and waiting a while before and applying it and see it that helps, I hope so!

      Thanks so, so, so much again! You posted such helpful information and I will definitely be looking into all the products you suggested :D xxx

  2. Sarah gave some great tips. I'm not much of a MAC person either, but I do have one lipstick in Creme Cup. It's a nice neutral pink. I have dry lips too, and I load up on lip balm and a quick lip scrub at least 30 minutes before I intend to wear lipstick. I hope something someone says helps you out. :)

    1. She really did!

      I have heard so many good things about Creme Cup and the swatches I have seen are so nice!

      I will definitely take both your advice and try a scrub and lots of lipbalm before application and see if that makes a difference.

      Thanks, Ash :) xxx

  3. I just make sure to scrub my lips (usually with a toothbrush) and then I use a thick, moisturising lip balm (such as the Nuxe Reve de Miel) before I go to bed or a few hours before applying a bright lipstick. I like the eyeshadows in Cork, Ricepaper and Woodwinked.

    Annie |

    1. I never thought of using a toothbrush, I will definitely try that! I have been thinking about trying the Nuxe Reve de Miel for sooo long, but I'm worried I won't like the taste/smell as I hate honey! Does it taste of honey? :(

      They all look so lovely, especially Cork! xxx

  4. I remembered my first MAC visit! It wasn't a long time ago!

    Primed with Prettiness

    1. It definitely was a great experience, I can't believe how many products and shade choices they have! xxx

  5. I've actually never tried MAC make-up before. Those lipsticks look gorgeous.

    1. They really are lovely shades but they just don't apply well on my dry lips :( xxx

  6. It is so disappointing when you splash cash on high end and end up disappointed :( but I agree with sarah, if you try and exfoliate really well they should work a little better for you :) also try the blistex lipbalm (I have a review on my blog) I swear by the stuff!

    I only own one thing from make which is a HG! The MAC F&B foundation, oh and the 217 brush too haha but I can't recommend any lippies or shadows yet :(
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

    1. I know, its a horrible feeling :( I will definitely try the exfoliating, I really hope it helps! I have never tried the Blistex lip balm, but I will definitely read your review and hopefully try it out for myself :D

      I really want to try some of their brushes! The Face and Body foundation didn't come in my shade, such a shame! :( xxx

  7. That's such a shame that you don't like the lipsticks as I absolutely love my MAC lipsticks! I have Morange which is an Amplified finish and think it's amazing, it could just be the formula of vegas volt which I haven't tried. I think the eyeshadow shades look lovely though.


    1. I hope it is just the formula, because there's so many shades I want to try! I really hope I can get them to work for me, as everyone seems to absolutely love them! :)xxx

  8. The shades of the lipstick look beautiful such a shame you didn't get on with them xx

    1. I know, such a shame because the shades are so gorgeous :( But I will definitely try my best to get them to work! xxx

  9. To help with your lips I really recommend LUSH lip scrub in bubblegum, it tastes a-mazing and works a treat. Then apply a lipbalm and again I love Nuxe reve de Miel its such a deep moisturiser , I apply it first thing in the morning and before bed so I wake up with soft lips! Any-one who reads my blog , knows I love MAC . My all time favourite lipstick by MAC is the colour Charismatic. Its a orange-based red which is a typical your lips but far more amazing colour. The formula is also super sleek, so it wont emphasise any cracks in the lips. Also if you wear a lip liner before applying it will help the lipstick stick to the lips so it wont feather as much! For MAC eyeshadows, I'm also a neutral girl so my staples are Patina,Cork,Antiqued and All that glitters.
    Hope this helps you and I'm glad you finally got some MAC despite your disappointment with the lipsticks!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

    1. I have that and I absolutely love it! I definitely need to try this lip balm, everyone gives it such good reviews.
      The Charismatic lipstick sounds really good, especially what you said about the formula, I'll have to look into that!
      I absolutely love the look of Cork, so I'm definitely going to buy that! Thanks so much for your help! I will look at everything you suggested :D xxx