Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Website You All Need To Know About - 'What's In My Handbag' - Chance To Receive Free Beauty Products!

Hey everyone,
Today I wanted to show you a website I recently discovered. The website is called 'What's In My Handbag' and you can find it here. Basically, you sign up and create a profile and every week there will be a chance to be sent a beauty product. On your profile you have a section called your 'beauty cabinet'. This is a place where you add products you currently own or want. You can see mine here.

There's also a section where women show you what beauty products they have in their handbags and they talk a bit about their lives and the beauty products they love. I love this feature and I find out about so many great products from this. Most of the handbags shown belong to well known make up artists or women high up in beauty companies and even some celebrities (Emma Willis and AJ Odudu - Big Brother presenters).
Every week you have the option to register for a 'try'. A try is a product that they have a limited number of to send out to their members. They chose who is eligible for a try from what you have in your beauty cabinet. This week the try available is a Bumble and Bumble Prey Spray. From what I have seen, all tries are full size products. I have seen in recent weeks, a Benefit bronzer, Clarins Instant Light Perfector Lip Balms and a travel Tangle Teezer. The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler was something I was very kindly sent, after having trouble registering for the try and emailing them, they replied saying they would be sending me one! :)

I absolutely love Tangle Teezers, I swear by them ever since I've had really long hair, I will not use anything else. I do like this compact version, its so much more appropriate for my handbag than the original version. The cover protects the teeth on the brush and thats perfect for when its getting thrown around in a bag. Its quite a bit smaller than the original Tangle Teezer, so I only really use it on-the-go as there's so much of my hair, I need quite a big brush generally. This retails at about £11, so I'm really happy I was sent this!

I couldn't recommend signing up to this website more, its free, you have a chance to be sent amazing beauty products...what are you waiting for? :) The customer service is amazing too!

Thanks for reading!

Have you signed up to WIMH?

Emily :) x


  1. This sounds great, signing up now! xx

    1. It is so worth signing up to, such a great website :) xxx

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    1. I know! Definitely worth creating an account :) xxx

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    1. It really is a great website :) Hope you love it as much as I do :D xxx