Tuesday, 27 August 2013

First Fashion Post: £3.99 H&M Skirt Worn Three Ways; Casual, Formal Daywear & Formal Evening :)

Hey everyone,
When I ran my giveaway for reaching 50 followers, it was optional, for an additional entry. to post a comment to let me know what your favourite kind of blog posts are. So many of you said OOTD posts or fashion inspired posts, so I thought I'd start to try and include some fashion related posts!
Recently on a shopping trip, I found this burgundy skirt mini tube skirt for only £3.99, there was also an offer of where you got 3 for 2, so I got the skirt in black and also got a grey vest top too.
I think this skirt is so easy and incredibly versatile, so I threw together three outfits to show you just how easy it is to dress it up and down, this is the sort of item everyone needs in their wardrobe.

First, I put together a formal evening outfit:
Peplum top: New Look - Similar Here
Boots: New Look - Similar Here
Nails: YSL Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer '33' & Illamasqua's 'Creator' on accent nail
Charm Bracelet: Pandora
Bird Bracelet & Matching Necklace: Not On The Highstreet - Here
Second Outfit - Casual: 

Denim Jacket: Levi's - Similar Here
 Boots: Dr Marten's - Here
Last Outfit: Formal Daywear:

Blazer: River Island
Top: New Look - Here
Shoes: River Island
I'm not really sure what I'm doing when it comes to fashion posts, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! :) Oh and I don't only shop in New Look and River Island, that's just how it turned out, haha.
Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x


  1. Lovely looks! My favourite is the first and second one (:

    Yuen from The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  2. Love the looks. The third one is my favorite!

    1. Thanks Ash :) that blazer in the third outfit is one of my favourite things ever! xxx

  3. I love the colour of the skirt! Great looks, i love the first one :)

    1. Me too, I love anything burgundy :) xxx