Friday, 30 August 2013

BeauteCo Box August 2013 Unboxing!

Hey everyone, so a few weeks ago I received my first BeauteCo box, I'll explain later why I am only just posting now!
For those of you who haven't heard of BeauteCo, they are an exciting new beauty box company. Every month you get to pick from three different beauty boxes, each containing 5 products. All three boxes have the same three main products, then the final two products vary in each of the three options. If that makes sense?! The box costs £10 per month plus postage and packaging.
This month appealed to me because two of the main products were full size Lord & Berry lip products and there was also a code floating about for two additional products to be added to your box. So I decided I had nothing to lose and ordered a box!
Here's what I got in my box:

There was only one Lord & Berry lip product, I was missing a lip liner and they only included one additional item, so this is why I didn't post straight away!

Melvita Orange Blossom Floral Water:
This is described as a refreshing floral water with soothing and softening properties. I'm so intrigued by this and it seems to get really good reviews so this looks promising! This wasn't one of the main products available in all three boxes and this product is the reason I selected the box I did.

S5 Calm Serum for Redness & Sensitive Skin
This was another product that varied in all three boxes, and I would have preferred the blemish prone skin version, but that would have meant me getting a hand cream instead of the floral water. I'm currently using another serum anyway, so I'm not too fussed about serums at the moment. I will definitely try this though, but I don't really suffer from skin redness so I don't know how much it will benefit me, but we'll see!

Lavender and Tea Tree Reviving Toning Facial Gel Wash by Arran Aromatics
I have never heard of this brand before, but tea tree oil works so well with my skin, so I am really looking forward to trying this. This is a huge 100ml tube, so impressed with the size of this, usually in beauty boxes you get a 10-30ml sample, that is never enough to see if its the right product for you. It also has loofah in it to gently exfoliate the skin, this sounds like a great product to me! This retails at £12.95 on its own - the cost of the box!

The Green Balm by Moa
This is one of the two items I was meant to receive as extras for entering a code on the website. This is described as a healing balm and is £4.99 for 15ml or £9.99 for 50ml. This is the small version and I am really excited to try this. My skin takes soooo long to heal, so I really hope this speeds up the process! It claims to help soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, bumps, bites, grazes and minor burns. It even works on coldsores and as a facial cleansing balm for men after shaving. I have high hopes for this little pot of balm!

Lord & Berry Lipstick in 'Peach Gleam'
This is a satin lipstick in a peachy, terracota shade. I don't have anything similar to this, so I am interested to see if it will suit me! I really like the look of this, I just hope it doesn't cling to my dry lips. This is full size and is included in all the box options. These retail at £12, so as you can see these boxes are incredible value for money!
Obviously my second Lord & Berry product (a lipliner) was missing, along with my second extra sample that I was supposed to receive along with the Moa balm for entering the code 'FRIEND07' for all new subsribers to receive two extra bonus products in their box.
I emailed BeauteCo and explained what happened and they were really good and got back to me within hours and then 3/4 days later, my postman brought me a second BeauteCo box. This was what was inside:

So, as you can see, still no lip liner! Just another lipstick, in the same shade! :( I have emailed them again to find out if they can send me the lip liner.
Rose and Mango Body Balm by Eve of St. Agnes
In my second box, I finally recieved my second extra sample in the form of a little tin of a Rose and Mango Body Balm. I have never heard of the brand Eve of St. Agnes, but this little 30ml pot retails at £6, so I think BeauteCo were very generous with all the products they included. This smells literally just like you're smelling a bunch of roses, I've never smelt anything that smells so similar to the real thing. You can use this on face and body, I don't usually like body butters/balms but I will definitely give it a go. Eve of St. Agnes are 100% natural products.

Here's my two identical lipsticks! I really hope they send me the lip liner. I hate having to keep moaning, but I did pay for the box advertised and I still haven't received that selection of products yet, so I suppose it is fair! They were really good the first time I emailed them so, I'm not complaining really, I still got some great products and I am so impressed with the value of this beauty box!
Thanks for reading!
What do you think of August's BeauteCo Box?
Emily :) x


  1. That's pretty terrible that they couldn't get it right the second time around...

    1. I know! :/ I think it would have to be a really great box for me to order from them again! xxx

  2. It looked like such a good box, such a shame they messed it up though. Hopefully they'll send your lipliner since it's only fair, sounds like their customer service is good at least :)

    1. I know :( I contacted them and they said they would send me the lip liner if I sent back one of the lipsticks, then they would pay for postage costs. But that is just way too much hassle for me ! xxx

  3. it looks like a good box though

  4. I really like the look of the Beauteco boxes, it seems like they offer some good quality products and I also like the fact that you get to see and choose what you will receive in advance.

    It's a shame you had such a negative experience when it's your first time ordering from them and I don't know how they ended up making pretty much the same mistake twice! I hope you get your lip liner soon!

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    1. Yeah, I really like the concept of these boxes too! I know, they have said I need to send back one of the lipsticks in order to receive a lip liner. They said they would refund postage costs, but its just too much hassle in my opinion, so I am just going to leave it :) xxx

  5. heyaa love your blog! I've literally just signed up too glossy box (i was researching box reviews hence why i stumbled across your blog) i was completely sold when i saw the photos of the september box! are you signed up/ tried any other boxes as i want to try another one but the choice is killllingggg me ha! what would you recommend?? x x

    (can you please look at my blog i started in sunday and have managed to delete all comment/ page buttons already and don't know how to retrieve them but its a start ha! )

    1. Thank you! Glossybox is definitely the best! I tried Birchbox, didn't really like that everything you get in it is sample sized usually. Latest In Beauty boxes can be really good and are excellent value for money :D I will definitely look at your blog lovely :) xxx