Friday, 30 August 2013

BeauteCo Box August 2013 Unboxing!

Hey everyone, so a few weeks ago I received my first BeauteCo box, I'll explain later why I am only just posting now!
For those of you who haven't heard of BeauteCo, they are an exciting new beauty box company. Every month you get to pick from three different beauty boxes, each containing 5 products. All three boxes have the same three main products, then the final two products vary in each of the three options. If that makes sense?! The box costs £10 per month plus postage and packaging.
This month appealed to me because two of the main products were full size Lord & Berry lip products and there was also a code floating about for two additional products to be added to your box. So I decided I had nothing to lose and ordered a box!
Here's what I got in my box:

There was only one Lord & Berry lip product, I was missing a lip liner and they only included one additional item, so this is why I didn't post straight away!

Melvita Orange Blossom Floral Water:
This is described as a refreshing floral water with soothing and softening properties. I'm so intrigued by this and it seems to get really good reviews so this looks promising! This wasn't one of the main products available in all three boxes and this product is the reason I selected the box I did.

S5 Calm Serum for Redness & Sensitive Skin
This was another product that varied in all three boxes, and I would have preferred the blemish prone skin version, but that would have meant me getting a hand cream instead of the floral water. I'm currently using another serum anyway, so I'm not too fussed about serums at the moment. I will definitely try this though, but I don't really suffer from skin redness so I don't know how much it will benefit me, but we'll see!

Lavender and Tea Tree Reviving Toning Facial Gel Wash by Arran Aromatics
I have never heard of this brand before, but tea tree oil works so well with my skin, so I am really looking forward to trying this. This is a huge 100ml tube, so impressed with the size of this, usually in beauty boxes you get a 10-30ml sample, that is never enough to see if its the right product for you. It also has loofah in it to gently exfoliate the skin, this sounds like a great product to me! This retails at £12.95 on its own - the cost of the box!

The Green Balm by Moa
This is one of the two items I was meant to receive as extras for entering a code on the website. This is described as a healing balm and is £4.99 for 15ml or £9.99 for 50ml. This is the small version and I am really excited to try this. My skin takes soooo long to heal, so I really hope this speeds up the process! It claims to help soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, bumps, bites, grazes and minor burns. It even works on coldsores and as a facial cleansing balm for men after shaving. I have high hopes for this little pot of balm!

Lord & Berry Lipstick in 'Peach Gleam'
This is a satin lipstick in a peachy, terracota shade. I don't have anything similar to this, so I am interested to see if it will suit me! I really like the look of this, I just hope it doesn't cling to my dry lips. This is full size and is included in all the box options. These retail at £12, so as you can see these boxes are incredible value for money!
Obviously my second Lord & Berry product (a lipliner) was missing, along with my second extra sample that I was supposed to receive along with the Moa balm for entering the code 'FRIEND07' for all new subsribers to receive two extra bonus products in their box.
I emailed BeauteCo and explained what happened and they were really good and got back to me within hours and then 3/4 days later, my postman brought me a second BeauteCo box. This was what was inside:

So, as you can see, still no lip liner! Just another lipstick, in the same shade! :( I have emailed them again to find out if they can send me the lip liner.
Rose and Mango Body Balm by Eve of St. Agnes
In my second box, I finally recieved my second extra sample in the form of a little tin of a Rose and Mango Body Balm. I have never heard of the brand Eve of St. Agnes, but this little 30ml pot retails at £6, so I think BeauteCo were very generous with all the products they included. This smells literally just like you're smelling a bunch of roses, I've never smelt anything that smells so similar to the real thing. You can use this on face and body, I don't usually like body butters/balms but I will definitely give it a go. Eve of St. Agnes are 100% natural products.

Here's my two identical lipsticks! I really hope they send me the lip liner. I hate having to keep moaning, but I did pay for the box advertised and I still haven't received that selection of products yet, so I suppose it is fair! They were really good the first time I emailed them so, I'm not complaining really, I still got some great products and I am so impressed with the value of this beauty box!
Thanks for reading!
What do you think of August's BeauteCo Box?
Emily :) x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mini Haul: My First Lush Goodies!

Hey everyone,
I went shopping recently and they had a Lush store and that's usually a shop I would just walk past, but after reading some great reviews on their products, I decided to go in and pick myself out some goodies :)
I only chose four products to try but I will definitely be going back to get some more!
Here's what I got! :)
The Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.25):

I picked this because I have never used a bubble bar and I absolutely adore bubble baths. I love the concept of this and it smells wonderful, it smells just like a bag of sweets. I cannot wait to try this out, I have no idea how much to use though, so if any of you have tried a bubble bar from Lush, leave me a comment to let me know how much I need to use :)
'Sweetie Pie Shower' Jelly (£3.10):

This was a complete impulse buy, I had never heard of a jelly version of a shower gel and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was something I had to try out! This smells like bubblegum and I think £3.10 is pretty reasonable for 100g :)
Dusting Powder in 'Silky Underwear' (£4):
 I read a really great review of Lush's dusting powders, which I guess are just similar to talc, and are used for softening the skin. I'm not too sure on the scent of this, its pretty strong and not really my sort of thing, but I'm excited to try it out despite that, anything that claims to soften my verging-on-scaley skin, I look forward to trying!
Bubblegum Lip Scrub (£5.25):
Everyone and their mother seems to have tried this lip scrub and it was the first thing I picked up instore after all the amazing things I have read about this little beauty. I am definitely so impressed with this and it really does work. My lips are always dry and this really helps to scrub off all the dry skin and tastes amazing too! You only have to use a teeny tiny bit, so I can see this lasting for a long time. I am going to do a full review of this soon, so watch this space! :)
Thanks for reading!
What Lush products do you recommend?
Emily :) x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

First Fashion Post: £3.99 H&M Skirt Worn Three Ways; Casual, Formal Daywear & Formal Evening :)

Hey everyone,
When I ran my giveaway for reaching 50 followers, it was optional, for an additional entry. to post a comment to let me know what your favourite kind of blog posts are. So many of you said OOTD posts or fashion inspired posts, so I thought I'd start to try and include some fashion related posts!
Recently on a shopping trip, I found this burgundy skirt mini tube skirt for only £3.99, there was also an offer of where you got 3 for 2, so I got the skirt in black and also got a grey vest top too.
I think this skirt is so easy and incredibly versatile, so I threw together three outfits to show you just how easy it is to dress it up and down, this is the sort of item everyone needs in their wardrobe.

First, I put together a formal evening outfit:
Peplum top: New Look - Similar Here
Boots: New Look - Similar Here
Nails: YSL Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer '33' & Illamasqua's 'Creator' on accent nail
Charm Bracelet: Pandora
Bird Bracelet & Matching Necklace: Not On The Highstreet - Here
Second Outfit - Casual: 

Denim Jacket: Levi's - Similar Here
 Boots: Dr Marten's - Here
Last Outfit: Formal Daywear:

Blazer: River Island
Top: New Look - Here
Shoes: River Island
I'm not really sure what I'm doing when it comes to fashion posts, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! :) Oh and I don't only shop in New Look and River Island, that's just how it turned out, haha.
Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Wishlist: August 2013

Hey everyone,
So my wishlist is probably a mile long, but I've selected 10 things that I am most desperate to own at the moment!
1. Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder:
I am so into contouring/highlighting at the moment, its something I always used to neglect in my makeup routine but now its something that I feel incomplete without, I feel it makes such a difference to your face. This sculpting powder is very popular and although it is quite expensive, it has such positive reviews, I definitely feel I need to take the plunge and purchase this! It is described as being formulated with grey, red and brown pigments to give the illusion of natural shadow. The problem I have with using bronzers as contour powders is that they are usually too orange, this sculpting powder comes in one universal shade, so I really hope this works for my skintone.
2. Maybelline Baby Lips:
I have been waiting for these to come to the UK and they are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots, so I am definitely going to pick up 3 of these when I next go there. I am lip balm mad and I have way too many but they are probably my most used product, so that's my excuse, haha. There are six different types and if they are as amazing as people are saying, I'm definitely going to have to collect the full set!
3. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in '16 Orange Impertinent':
These lipsticks are definitely doing their rounds on the blogosphere, and are getting rave reviews. The packaging is absolutely stunning and they look truely high end, they have some gorgeous shades and such a lovely, hydrating, glossy finish. After swatching pretty much every shade in John Lewis, I came down to my favourite being '16 Orange Impertinent', but they didn't have any stock in of that shade, so I have been looking elsewhere. Boots currently have an offer on where you get 2000 advantage card points (£20!) when you purchase any two YSL products, so I am definitely going to put an order in to buy this lipstick and my absolute favourite mascara; Volume Effet Faux Cils.
4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in '1C1 Shell':
I got a sample of this at a recent John Lewis beauty event and was pleasantly surprised to find a foundation that matched my skintone. The coverage on this foundation is amazing! Admittedly, it smells awful and feels so heavy on the skin but the coverage it has to offer is second to none. I need this foundation to rescue me when I am having a bad skin day, so this is definitely something I am lusting after. I find this shade is quite difficult to find and it has been discontinued once before, so I am definitely going to snap up a bottle ASAP.
5. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution:
There is a serious hype surrounding this product right now, and I want to know what the fuss is about! I have tried the supposed dupe, L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution and find it to be seriously underwhelming, it doesn't remove my makeup very well at all and it makes no difference to my skin. So now I want to try the real thing and I am hoping to be impressed!
6. Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray:
Another product that is highly rated by bloggers is the Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray. I think this sounds like such a versatile product, helping soothe the skin from razor burns, bites, sunburn and any mild skin irritations but also as a setting spray for your makeup and it actually has other uses too, I definitely want to pick up a little bottle of this and see how I get on with it.
7. Cargo Contour Palette in 'Monaco':
Again, another product to help me on my mission to find the perfect contouring/highlighting products. This contouring palette features a highlight powder, blush and contour powder and comes in two different shades, Monaco and Malibu. Malibu has a pink blush and a deeper brown contour powder. I am swaying towards picking Monaco, but I am still undecided!
8. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo:
I don't usually suffer from many blemishes, usually one or two, I don't have anything to treat them with. But at the moment, I have about 4/5 of the blighters and they take so long to heal, I need something to tackle them with. This is another very highly rated product and currently has 25% off on, so I will definitely be ordering this in the next week or so. Fingers crossed this product works for me as well as it does for others!
9. The Body Shop Brow and Lash Gel:
I rarely go anywhere without 'my eyebrows on' as I say and I absolutely have to set whatever product I fill them in with. The Body Shop always have great discounts, so I definitely want to try this for my eyebrows.
10. Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder:
This powder is designed to give a radient, fresh glow, comes in the most gorgeous little compact and also comes with its own mini kabuki brush. There are four shades to chose from; two are pink harmonies that add 'a touch of freshness and also a highlighting effect', the other two are apricot harmonies for a 'vibrantly sensual glow'. I have no idea which one I would pick but I think it would have to be a pinky one. These are simply stunning and definitely has the cheapest price at £31.45 instead of £37! My bank account is going to seriously hate
Thanks for reading!
Have you tried anything on my wishlist?
Emily :) x

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Haul: Last Month's Illamasqua Sale! Big Haul & Swatches: Lipgloss, Eyeliner, Blusher, Eyeshadow & More!

Hey everyone,
Last month Illamasqua had a big sale online, that ran for a few weeks, they kept adding new items so I actually put in a few orders, so I apologize for all the different backgrounds and the low quality pictures (I took them with my old camera).
I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I just love Illamasqua and wanted to get all the bargains that I could! Illamasqua is one of my favourite brands and I thought I got some great products at amazing prices :)
This was the first order I put in at the beginning of the sale.

I got two illuminators, both £5 reduced from £13.50. The first one is a white, pearly shade called 'Slay' and it is literally the most perfect highlighter, I absolutely love it!
The second is called 'Fondle' and is a pink shade with gold running through it, I haven't used this one as much but it is still lovely. I will definitely be purchasing more of these illuminators! I did a review of the Illuminator in Slay, here.

Sheer Lipglosses:
These sheer lipglosses were both £5 reduced from £14.50 and were a complete bargain. I absolutely love both shades and I did a post where you can see what they look like on, here. The orange shade is called 'Torture' and gives such a lovely subtle hint of the colour, the pinky red shade is called 'Lily-Rose' and does give a more intense colour, both are very flattering and I will definitely get lots of use out of these. They both smell lovely and aren't sticky too! :)

Eyeliner Pencils:
When I wear pencil eyeliner on my waterline, I always use black, so I wanted to try some browny shades to see how I got on with them.
I chose a fine pencil in 'Uncanny' which was £5 reduced from £11 and is described as a mid caramel brown shade. I'm not sure on this one, its far too hard to use on the waterline and I don't use pencils anywhere else, but I'm sure I'll be able to experiment with it, I might see how it works as an eyebrow pencil.
The second pencil I picked was a medium pencil in 'Fidelity' which was also £5 and was reduced from £13. This is described as a milk chocolate brown, this one is much softer and in my opinion, a much nicer shade. I haven't got round to trying it on my waterline, but I'm sure it'll be soft enough to use there.
Eye Brow Cake in 'Stark':
I am a bit addicted to eyebrow products, I love trying out different pencils, powders, gels etc. So there was only one shade in the sale and it was described as auburn, I thought I might have got away with it, but I definitely can't, its far to red. But its really nice to apply and I definitely want to try it in another shade. This was £5 also, reduced from £15.50!

Under-Eye Concealer in '105':
I got this under-eye concealer as it was one of the only lighter shades in the sale and it is the lightest shade they do and it is literally white, haha. But I can blend it in and use it as a highlight for under my eyebrows, Illamasqua products are incredibly versatile, which is a reason why I love them so much! I don't think this product would work very well as an under-eye concealer as it isn't pigmented enough to cover anything but it works well for other things so I do like this product. This was £5 and was reduced from £13.

Here are the swatches!

 This was the second order I made, at the end of the sale.

Nail Varnishes:
I picked two nail varnishes, the one of the left is 'Vice' and is a purple rubber finish nail polish, it was £5 reduced from £14.50, I had this on my toes and it literally feels like rubber, its amazing! The colour is a lovely deep purple. The second shade I picked is 'Creator' and that is a black with silver shimmer, for a glittery nail polish it applies so easily and the silver shimmer really transfers, it looks exactly as it does in the bottle when you apply it to your nails. I really love both shades and I'm so pleased with them!

Powder Eye Shadows:
I pretty much only wear neutral eyeshadows and there wasn't too many to choose from, but I'm really loving the shades I got. My absolute favourite eyeshadow is an Illamasqua one, so I am a massive fan of their powder eyeshadows. Both were £5 reduced from £15.50! The shade of the left is 'Jules' and is a warm milk chocolate with a matt finish and is such a gorgeous colour. The second shade is 'Bronx' and is a pale bronze-gold with a shimmer finish. They're both really pigmented and have such a velvety texture.

Cream Pigment in 'Androgen':
 This is one of those multi-use products and has been quite popular with bloggers in the past. This can be used on eyelids, cheeks, lips, wherever you want really! I got this for £7.50 and it usually retails at £17.50. I really love this coral shade and I think it would look lovely worn on the cheeks and lips. I haven't got round to trying this, but I think the shade is gorgeous and it has a really creamy texture.
Cream Blusher in 'Seduce':
Lastly, I got this cream blush in 'Seduce' which is a warm rose pink and has a dewy finish. I bought this for £7.50 reduced from £18 and it is another really gorgeous shade. I don't use cream blushers much because they don't seem to last as long, but I do love the finish the give and this one is so pigmented!  
 Here are some swatches of the last four products.
Overall, I got some amazing bargains and I cannot wait until the next sale now!
Thanks for reading!
Did you get any good bargains in the recent Illamasqua sale?
Emily :) x




Thursday, 22 August 2013

Review: Illamasqua Illuminator in 'Slay'

Hey everyone,
In Illasmaqua's recent sale, I got lots of goodies, I think the quality of Illamasqua's product are exceptional and I love the amazing range of cosmetics they stock, there's always something I'm lusting after! So when the sales kick in, I go into crazy lady mode, I still need to post my Illamasqua haul, I'll try and get it up this/next week.
Something that stood out in my recent Illamasqua sale buys was an Illuminator I bought in the shade 'Slay', for the bargain price of £5, but the regular price of £13.50 is still very reasonable in my opinion!
I've been experimenting with highlighting and contouring lately, I do have the YSL Touche Eclat, but I don't find the effect to be that amazing, maybe I'm just doing it wrong? But this illuminator works perfectly to draw in light to fall on the high points of your face, it really does make a huge difference to your face.

Something I am desperate for is a good contour powder/bronzer. Can anyone recommend a good product for heavy contouring? I have plenty of bronzers that do a good job with a light contour, but after I've buffed it all in and blended it to look natural, its barely noticeable. I'm looking for something that will really make my cheek bones much more prominent, yet still look natural, am I asking too much?
I have just found out from looking at the price, this has actually been discontinued, which I am so disappointed about, but I think they will be bringing it back, because at the beginning of the year, there was a shade identical to this one, which has since been discontinued, called Odyssey. They seem to have discontinued the whole previous range of Illuminators, and now this range, so I am assuming they will bring out new shades/old shades under different names soon? I hope so, anyway because I don't want to rave about a product and it not be available to you guys.
So, the packaging is very simple, I like that you can see the colour of the product in the tube (not sure if you would describe it as a tube, actually) and the applicator is a brush, which works amazingly well.
The colour of this highligher is a pearly white with a slightly shimmery finish. The only complaint I have is that it dries pretty quickly which can make blending sometimes a bit difficult, but it's usually fine. I use this product under my eyes at the highest point of my cheek bones, the arch under my eyebrows and also to highlight my cupid's bow. It works amazingly and gives such a nice sheen that catches the light beautifully.

Here's a swatch of how it comes out before you blend the product, as you can see, it is highly pigmented before blending.
Why do all my photos turn upside down?! This is the swatch blended out, you can really see the pearly sheen to my skin.
I think Illamasqua's Gleam in Aurora does also give a very similar effect from looking at other blog posts, so that is definitely something I am looking into getting.
Illamasqua are an amazing brand, definitely one of my favourites, the prices are relatively reasonable, they always have free postage on their website, amazing sales and a great loyalty scheme that enables you to get 10% off all full priced items forever after you have made three orders on their website.
Thanks for reading!
Have you tried any Illamasqua highlighters/illuminators?
Emily :) x