Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer - Twelve Foot Paddling Pool & Family = Perfect Weekend! Lots of Photos! :)

Hey everyone :)
I have had the most lovely weekend relaxing with family and wanted to share some photos with you! I don't do well in the heat and usually avoid going out in it at all costs, but when you have a 12 foot paddling pool and a gazebo to put over the top, you can't really resist! So, I threw on a bikini and sun hat on and slapped on some factor 50 on and spent the whole weekend relaxing in the pool. Perfect!
I realised you guys haven't seen hardly any pictures of me so I took lots of pictures to put into a post for you :)
Here's me and my little chihuauha Chloe and my lovely big pool in the background :)
I have to point out, I'm usually deathly pale so I have actually got St Tropez Self Tan on in all these photos, but I am completely makeup free apart from wearing some concealer in some pictures after my disaster with the Origins Super Spot Remover, which my skin is STILL recovering from :(
Here's how my hair started off, this is literally how my hair looks just after I've woken up when sleeping with a French plait over night, I really like my hair like this as it gives me much needed volume! I just undo my plait and spray a bit of L'oreal Elnett Satin Diamond Hold and scrunch and then I'm done! Later on, I got my Mum to re-do my French plait (I can't do them myself!) as it was much easier when it came to reapplying sun tan lotion etc.
Chloe having a little surf around the pool, haha! She doesn't like water much, but she doesn't mind going on the floats!
Here's another one of us with my other dog Bella having to get in on the action, bless her.
Bella loves the water so she kept just climbing in and out, I don't know how she didn't pop the pool, it must be stupidly strong because her claws are sharp!
Luke falling off his rubber ring, haha!
This is how that ended!
Bella creeping up in the background, again! She just hovers around the edge the whole time, haha.
Luke posing as usual! I am a VERY lucky lady! :) Bella's head just creeping into the corner of the picture, she's almost photobombing ever photo!
In she gets, she just paddles around in it until she's had enough then she hops out.
Such a cute little face :)
She's eyeing up the crocodile in this one, last year she popped all of the inflateables, this year she's managed one, so we've had to be super careful, she likes to bite them!
Me and Chloe again, love my little baby so much!
Rocking the towel turban with no makeup, I wouldn't dare attempt a no makeup photo without fake tan on!
This was at like 8am, cannot believe how hot it was! 
Love these Juicy Couture sunglasses :)
My dogs always have to sit on the chairs, they're so funny, that's my Nan looking very unimpressed, hahaha.

Love my Luke so much :)

This sun hat was my saviour!

Haha, iPhones seem to take pictures so quickly, so we were seeing how high I could jump!

So relaxing!

Chloe in her little camp under the table we made for her, she doesn't like the sun so we had to make her a little shady spot.

Luke, Chloe and my wonderful Mum :)

Chloe's little face, aww.

Me, Luke, my cousin and her boyfriend enjoying the pool.
I had a fantastic weekend and love being with my family so much! So, this post is just a bit of an insight into my life and some pictures so you can see a bit more about the person that's bringing you these posts! :)
I don't drink, don't go to clubs/pubs (boring I know!) or anything like that so this is my idea of a perfect weekend :) Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!
Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x


  1. This looked like so much fun! xx

  2. This looked like a great weekend :) I am envious of your bikini body though :P x

    1. It was such a nice weekend! Aww, don't be! Thank you though! :) xxx

  3. Omg I used to wish I had one of those massive paddling pools when I was a kid!amazing!hehe!:)

    1. Its probably one of the best things I've ever bought, haha! xxx

  4. Aww it looks like you had a really lovely time! I'm very jealous of your pool!!

    Jennie xo |

  5. I really did, I can't wait to get back in this weekend! :D I'm really not comfortable in this weather so its been sooo nice to be able to keep cool :) xxx