Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Sales Part Three - What I Got From The Accessorize Sale!

Hey everyone,
Today I want to show you what I managed to pick up in the Accessorize Sale! :) I don't usually shop there but I was in need of some notepads and wanted to try out their lipsticks.
Here's a picture of everything I bought in the 50 percent off sale, in store and online!
So, here's what I got on the stationary side of things. I am a bit of a stationary addict, I don't know what it is, there is just something about it! I love cute notepads and pens and seem to be collecting them a bit lately.
Paris Notepad (£10 reduced to £5):
The Paris Notepad is gorgeous and is made out of a sort of canvas material, there's so many pages and they're all lined, so its really good for an avid list maker like me! This isn't particularly good for travel as it's not as sturdy as a hardback notepad and is probably a bit too bulky to carry around but perfect for my desk :)
Union Jack Notepad (£7 full price):
I absolutely love this and was happy to pay full price as it so, so nice! It's really sturdy and has loads of pages, all lined with little butterfly pictures at the top right and botton left of the pages. It is my new 'blogging notepad' where I write all my notes and lists when it comes to Freckles & Flaws :)
Floral Notepad (£5 reduced to £2.50):
At £5 this is a good price, so for £2.50, I am really happy with this! It's a lovely little notepad, the same style as the Union Jack notepad, but a different design and much smaller handbag friendly size. There's plenty of pages, all of which are lined, perfect for mini lists!
Union Jack Pen (£1.75 full price):
This pen matches the Union Jack notepad and I'm a bit of a weirdo, I like everything to be matching, so this was a must have for me! Its really lovely to write with, has black ink and has a twist-up design.
Floral Pen (£1 reduced to 50p):
50p for this sweet little pen and it also fits in with my matching obsession, another must have! This pen has blue ink and has a lid instead of the twist-up design. Its not great quality, but I still really like it!
I was looking at these lipsticks online a few days before and was going to buy a couple full price so was very pleased when they were reduced to half price and I bought every shade they had! I have heard good and bad things about these lipsticks, so wanted to try them out for myself. I LOVE the packaging of the navy tube. I love that they are navy, they have a floral design and even have an owl incorporated into the design (I am sold as soon as an owl is involved, I love them)! They also show the colour of the lipstick at the bottom of the tube. The navy lipsticks were £5 reduced to £2.50 and the other beige lipstick was full price at £5. I am going to do a review on these in the next week, so I will show you shades, lip and hand swatches then!
Hair Accessories:
I love hairclips/accessories, but my hair is so fine and shiny, the clips just slide straight out as soon as I put them in, so I find it hard for any of them to grip! I bought these because they were all reduced and looked suitable for my hair :)
Large Leopard Print Hair Clip (£4.50 reduced to £2.25):
I got this to clasp all my hair up into an updo sort of thing, but my hair is too heavy for it, so I will have to think of another style instead for this one!
Pack of Three Medium Hair Slides (£3 reduced to £1.50):
These looked quite sturdy in the shop and I think these would be suitable for clipping my fringe back, I usually use bobby pins, but these look a bit more interesting! They come in black, brown and gold.
Pack of Four Small Hair Slides (£3 reduced to 90p):
For 90p, you can't go wrong really can you!? Again, I got these to clip my fringe back, I hope they actually grip onto my hair! These are all one colour; black.
Cute Things I Don't Need But Couldn't Resist!:
I always have this uncontrollable urge to buy anything cute when I am out, my Chihuahua has over 200 dog toys and I'm pretty sure I buy them because I think they're cute more than anything, let's not get into the dog outfits, because she has more clothes than me, that she never wears, but I keep buying them because they're cute, haha. So, here are so cute things I found in Accessorize :)
Owl Keyring (£5 reduced to £2):
£2 for this little cutie? An absolute steal, just look at his little eyebrows and tell me you wouldn't take him home?! He actually has a floral design all over his back, he's too good to be slung to the bottom of my bag attached to my keys, so he's gonna live on my desk too. I love owls so much and actually have an owl flying day booked up and I am so excited for it, I will definitely do a post on that for you!
Bumblebee keyring (£5 reduced to £2.50):
I hate bees, I'm actually allergic to bee/wasp stings so I am so scared of them but the knitted keyring variety, I'm actually quite fond of!
Fox Coin Purse (£8 reduced to £4):
I am one of these crazy animal people, I just can't get enough of them, and I think foxes are adorable. My Fiancee pointed this out to me when we were in the store, he knows me so well, he knew I'd have to have it, haha. This is a very welcome addition to my handbag :)
So, that's what I bought! I also bought a pair of knickers half price, reduced to £3 but didn't know if it was weird to post pictures of underwear on here? Haha. There are some really cute things in the sale and I think I will go in Accessorize more often now.
Thanks for reading!
Do you ever buy things just because they're 'cute'?!
Emily :) x


  1. Those lipstick really do have to cutest packaging!! Can't wait to see your review!

    1. They really do, I absolutely love it! I will do it very soon! :D xxx

  2. Really nice bargain,love the purse,can we follow each other,followed you ,this is the link:
    Kisses Anita and Danako!

  3. I love all of them notebooks. I hope I can still get them at my local Accessorize,the french one especially as I am going to study in France In September and it would be so cute to bring with me :) Great post xx Laura

    1. Ah that's a great idea! I really hope you find some at your local store! :D xxx