Saturday, 27 July 2013

Lifestyle Post: Little Trip To The Farm With Some Friends :)

Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, I've been super busy! I got a new camera and cannot wait to try it out for blog pictures, so I was busy picking and buying my camera, then I went into John Lewis to get colour matched for a Dior foundation and they were having this beauty event in there and it was amazing, I got lots of freebies and some great products too! So a post coming about that in the next few days to show you what I got and tell you a bit about it too :)
Then today me and my fiancé Luke, met up with one of my best friends, Hannah and her fiancé, Matt and their gorgeous son, Dylan to go to a trip to a little farm near us. We have a lovely time and I wanted to just to a quick post to show you what we got up to :)
It is actually a Van Hages garden centre, with a free (anything free is good in my books) farm attached to it and they also have a little train ride, which I will get to later, considering we're all 20-24, we enjoyed it more than Dylan, haha!
So, here's a picture of Matt, Hannah, me and Dylan :) It was so sunny and hot, which I usually don't like but I coped, haha.

Most of the chickens are free roaming so they like to come and see you. They have quite a lot of animals, mostly farmyard animals but they do have some owls, marmoset monkeys and meerkats too. They have loads of them fancy chickens too, which I love!
A rather scruffy looking fella, still a cutie though :)
 Check out this chicken's feet!
 Luke feeding the chickens, they have these little food dispensers that you pay 20p to get goat food or chicken food and they go mad for it!
Some of the animals we came across, we didn't get many of the animals really. Look at the turkey just chilling out, think he was hot and bothered bless him.
The best bit, the train ride, reaching top speeds of 5mph!
Me and my wonderful fiancé :)
Just about to set off for the ride of our lives! Dylan absolutely loved the train, he was kicking his legs about with excitement and cried when we got off, bless him!

The little pond you go over on a bridge on the train ride, aww. This really is a lovely place for kids, but I still love it and go all the time, especially at Chrismas! Garden centres at Christmas are great to me, haha.

Dylan pulling my hair, his favourite thing to do!

Look at how cute the train is, the driver couldn't count and gave us three laps instead of two, I got my 90p's worth for sure!

Dylan was getting bored and tired so we gave him this bottle to play with and it kept him occupied for the whole 15/20 minute journey home!
A couple of pictures of my Hannah and Dylan :)

This is probably my limit when it comes to rides! Thorpe Park is definitely a no-go zone for me!
Good old Boris the scarecrow! On the little train ride you go past little figurines of gnomes playing cricket and lots of other weird and wonderful things, but good old Boris is my favourite!
So, we had a lovely time and will definitely be going back soon :)! Just a quick post today as I have been so busy, I haven't had time to do a proper one, but I will post about the beauty event at John Lewis very soon, and then I'll be back to good old reviews, I have so many things I want to show you guys!
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Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x


  1. Looks like you had fun! The chicken's feet were really weird! Lol! What camera did you get? :)

    1. We really did, way too much considering our ages, haha! I know, they looked so funny walking about! I got the Fujifilm Finepix S8200, I'm still getting used to it, so didn't take it with me! All these were just taken with my fiance's iPhone though! :) xxx

  2. lovely pictures! looks like you had a fab time and I'm too scared to feed chickens in case they peck too hard haha!

    1. We had such a lovely time! Me too, haha! I didn't even like them coming near me incase they pecked my legs! xxx

  3. I absolutely love the colour of Hannah's hair! great photos x

    1. So nice isn't it! Its only a semi-permanent one I think! xxx