Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lancome Artliner Gentle Felt Eyeliner Review

Hey everyone,
I've been on the hunt for a good liquid eyeliner and have gone through quite a few recently; Rimmel, YSL, Soap & Glory, Max Factor, Nyx etc list goes on! I always find they dry out too quickly, aren't pigmented enough or it is impossible to get a thin line out of them. There's always some sort of problem!
Then my friend recommended Lancome's Artliner and I have used it every day since for about three weeks & I love it!
So, the packaging is the standard Lancome silver box with the embossed Lancome rose symbol, and the eyeliner itself is a very simple design. To use the eyeliner you screw off the thinner part of the tube and then the applicator is attached to the lid in the form of a soft felt tip and the product (liquid) is in the other half of the tube (similar to the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner but with a thinner tip).
It is so easy to control and considering I have really shakey hands, this works perfectly for me and I can get a really neat, thin line very quickly. It used to take me about 20 minutes with other eyeliners and I would get it everywhere and go through so many cotton buds trying to clear up my mess, now it takes me about 5 minutes max and I probably use 1/2 cotton buds to clear up near the tearduct. The line would always be too thick with other eyeliners and I used to get so frustrated with it! The felt pens I actually found much easier to use but their ownly downside was that they usually dried up after a few weeks.
Here you can see how thin the applicator is but you can make a thick line easily too by just pressing down a bit harder when you are applying it, allowing more product to come out. It has a soft foam tip which makes it easy to sweep across your eyelids effortlessly. So many liquid eyeliners come out grey instead of jet black or go all hard and crusty and when you try to draw over it, it just rubs the product off, this eyeliner does not do that, you can keep going over it again and again.
This picture doesn't do the pigmentation of this eyeliner any justice, but it is just one quick sweep of the product. You can see how you can achieve a really thin line or a much thicker one if desired.
Overall, this eyeliner has everything I need an eyeliner to have and I will definitely repurchase once this one has run out. It retails at £20 and you can read about it and buy it from the Lancome site HERE . There are four colours available; black, grey, brown & blue.
Thanks for reading!
What is your favourite liquid eyeliner?
Emily :) x


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Check it out here...
    :) xx

  2. I used this eyeliner a couple of years ago, and I loved it. The price however, was too steep for me. I've tried several liquid liners since then, and oddly enough, my favorite is from ELF. Have you tried their liquid liner? I always have trouble with liquid and gel liners, but ELF makes it super easy and quick for me. The formula is really good too. :)

    1. It is lovely, but expensive :/ No, I've never tried that, I am so glad you've recommended it, because its so purse friendly, so I will definitely have to try it :D xxx

  3. Ooh I like the look of that. But it is pretty expensive. I've been trying to find a much cheaper one but the Bourjois ones are always sold out. Grr.

    1. It is pretty expensive but it really does work well! I've never tried a Bourjois one! I hate when things get sold out :/ so annoying! xxx