Friday, 19 July 2013

Empties #1 !

Hey everyone,
This is my first empties post and I've been collecting up my empties for a month now, I don't get very many because I never use anything for very long, really!
So, I've got seven things to talk about :)
Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish Remover:
I'll start with the worst...I really didn't get on well with this nail polish remover, it is hands down the worst I have ever tried! It just didn't work, I can't believe I got through a whole bottle, but I don't like wasting things!
The good:
The bad:
-Doesn't actually work, takes ages to remove any nail polish.
-Doesn't strengthen as it claims to.
-Makes nails very dry!
Would I repurchase? Absolutely not, not in a million years :)
John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo & Conditioner:
I liked these but I didn't love them, and as you can see I got the conditioner for £3 and the other one was on offer too, so that's the reason why I tried them in the first place! I can't say how they performed individually as I always used them together. These claim to work best for damaged hair (from heat or colour), I don't dye my hair and never have and don't use heat very much so I can't really comment on the difference it made in that sense.
The good:
-Smells lovely, one of my favourite smelling hair products yet!
- I did notice my hair didn't seem to be tangling as much.
The bad:
-Not a great price
-I found my hair seemed to be quite dry after using these.
Would I repurchase? Yes, but only at the £3 price tag, not for £5.99.
Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream:
This is just a small 30ml bottle that I got in a Nivea set at Christmas I think.
The good:
- Smells really nice
-Dries quickly
-Doesn't feel sticky on the skin.
-Perfect size for on the go use.
The bad:
-Doesn't last very long before your hands are dry again.
 -If you suffer from really dry skin, this probably isn't intense enough.
Would I Repurchase? I probably wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase but I would happily use it again, in the summer months when my skin isn't hideously dry like it is in winter.
Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define Liquid Eyeliner:
I got this in a free gift about ages, its only a small version and decided to use it for the first time recently!
The good:
-Small tip is easy to control.
-Doesn't dry out much.
The bad:
-Not as pigmented as I like my liquid eyeliners.
-Can't do thin lines very easily.
Would I repurchase? I think I would, this is perfect if you're in a rush, incredibly easy to use.
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24Hr Foundation:
My favourite foundation, I bought it at Christmas and it recently ran out about a month ago. I don't use foundation every day but I still think it lasted really well!
The good:
-Lasts a long time, a little goes a long way.
-The only foundation I have found that is a perfect match to my pale skin with pink tones.
-Good coverage.
-Good shade choices.
The bad:
-Relatively expensive.
Would I repurchase? Yes, always! In fact, I went out the day it ran out and bought another bottle straight away. I LOVE IT!
Nyx The Curve Liquid Eyeliner:
This eyeliner is ergonomically designed to help people new to liquid eyeliner or for people that don't have steady hands (me)!
The good:
-Very easy to use, great design.
The bad:
-Not good enough colour pay off.
-Pricey at £14 when the colour isn't as pigmented as I would like.
Would I repurchase? No, but I would definitely recommend it to people that are starting out with liquid eyeliner as it is great practice, then you can buy something with better colour pay off when you're used to applying it :)
So, that's all my empties over the past few months :) Not the most exciting post today, just a quick one as I'm all hot and bothered and think I need to just jump in the pool! :)
Thanks for reading!
Have you tried any of these products?
Emily :) x


  1. I included the nail polish remover in my products I hate blog post, I agree its useless!


    1. Its so bad isn't it? I can't believe they can actually sell it! xxx

  2. I have tried the eyeliner and I really didn't get on with it. It wasn't awful but it didn't stay or go on well and really isn't worth the money. Shame as I love Max Factor!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I know what you mean, I think its perfect for quickly putting a bit on if you're only popping out for an hour, as its easy to apply, but like you said it doesn't last very long! xxx

  3. I haven't tried any of these but the foundation sounds lovely! xx RenaKiss and Make Up

    1. The foundation is amazing, couldn't recommend it more! I find it so hard to find a colour match and this is just perfect :) xxx

  4. I am shocked by how bad the nail polish remover was... it sounds awful! I really want to try the foundation though xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It really is so so bad! The foundation is lovely, I recommend it completely, get a sample from your local Lancome counter and see how you get on with it! :) xxx

  5. Budget shampoo and conditioner are tricky. Personally I've like Dove's Intense Moisture and anything from Shea Moisture! Do you have either of those where you live?

    Amanda of Broke & Chic

    1. I haven't heard of either of them but I will definitely keep my eye out for them! Thanks for the recommendations :D xxx