Sunday, 9 June 2013

What's In Your Handbag? (Moneysupermarket Competition)


Today my post is actually a competition entry that I thought was really fun and also a great post idea anyway. This competition is for bloggers and is being run by Moneysupermarket (you can find out more about it HERE) and the prize up for grabs is a Mulberry handbag!

Six lucky runners up will win a £25 ASOS voucher too, provided by Fashion Perks , a fantastic website that offers fashion discount codes and exclusive offers!

To enter this competition all you have to do is show the contents of your handbag in pictures and also add up the value of your bag and its contents. So, here goes!

Here's the best way I could show you most of my bag's contents.
My handbag:
My handbag is a leather Kipling in a sort of khaki grey colour. I have had it for a few years now and it cost me around £170.
Contents - My Glasses:
My eyesight is almost perfect but if I do alot of reading or watch TV or look at computer screens for too long, I get really bad headaches, so these beauties on the left were a Tesco bargain of £15. On the right are my sunglasses which I love, they are Juicy Couture and cost me around £80. The case behind cost about £5 from Amazon and protects them really well which is a good job as I have a habit of breaking sunglasses!
Contents - Purse, phone and phone cases:
On the left is my purse which is Juicy Couture and cost about £60 as far as I can remember. I bought this purse and then my Mum wanted really liked it, so I ordered her one and it had actually gone into the sale so only cost me about £35, then I got charged £40 from customs, not good, haha! My phone is the iPhone 5 and retails at a ridiculous £529, thank God for contracts, eh? It has a Gear4 protective case that cost £20 and the other case is Juicy Couture, again (I'm not obsessed - I just happen to carry three out of the four Juicy Couture things I own with me at all times, haha). The Juicy Couture case cost about £35 and it is exactly the same colour as my bag, which was just luck!
Contents - Other random bits:
Here's just some random bits that live in my bag. I am currently reading 'Wicked' by Gregory Maguire, its pretty good and costs £7.99.
The rest:
Pen - 50p
Denman hairbrush - £8
Wet wipes - 25p
Glass nail file - £3
Chewing gum - 45p
Key and keyring - £5?
Sanitiser - £1
Tissues - 20p
Gok Hand Balm - £3
Contents - Makeup:
Makeup bag - £12
e.l.f High Definition Powder - £6
Avon Supershock Eyeliner - £6
Yves Rocher Hydra Lip Balm - £3
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - £11
Lancome Teint Idole Foundation - £27.50
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector - £17
Lancome Eyebrow Pencil - £16
My Face Cosmetics Blusher - £14.99
Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner - £5.29
YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils - £23.50
Clinique Chubby Stick Sample - £8
e.l.f Maximum Coverage Concealer - £3.75
e.l.f Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint - £3.75
Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow - £15.50
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
After seeing that, I'm dreading adding this all up! Ok, here goes....
My handbag and its total contents add up to:
Pretty much half of that total is my phone, but it has still shocked me!
This has definitely been an eyeopener for me! Gone are the days where the only makeup I used to carry was a Dream Matte Mousse and a Rimmel Mascara I guess!
Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x


  1. Wow! It's amazing how much it adds up to isn't it! I'm desperate to try one of the Clarins Lip Perfectors, they look lovely! x

    1. It really is, I was so shocked! They are lovely :)
      Do you have any idea how I would tag bloggers other than by using Twitter? :)

  2. wow cant believe it added up that much you would never think it, I found you on that bloghop :) followed you on bloglovin and gfc hope you follow back x


    1. I know, its crazy! :) thank you, I've followed you back on both :) xxx

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