Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Sales Part One - Kiko Cosmetics - Big Haul!

Hey everyone,
My bank account is really hating me these past two weeks with all the great summer sales that are on at the moment, but how can you resist such good offers?!
So, last week I put in quite a big order with Kiko Cosmetics, an Italian company that I have heard so many amazing things about but have never tried for myself, so when I saw they were having a sale, I jumped at the chance to get some goodies!
You should definitely expect a few haul posts soon, my postman has been bringing me plenty of 'presents' as I like to call them, that way I don't feel bad about spending all my money, haha.

So, here's what I got! I really like the boxes they are packaged in, especially the bottom left two compacts which are textured and  have a lovely design. I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging, it seals the deal for me.
Left - Sun Pearl Nail Lacquer in 430 'Chili Pepper Red'
This nail polish is from the Sun Pearl range and is a deep red with golden shimmery flecks, I know this is going to be my Christmas nail polish for sure! It was on sale for £2.40.
Right - Nail Lacquer in 344 'Light Misty Green'
This is a sort of an aqua colour with a hint of green and I really love it, I have no idea what Kiko nail polishes are like, but I will definitely do some reviews and swatches of these shades. This was on sale too, for £2.50. They have sooo many shades available, it is hard to pick just one.
Colour Explosion Multi-tone Blush in 01 'Wild Sienna'
This is such a stunning , incredibly sturdy compact and I love the combination of shades.This was reduced to £5.90, such a great price, the packaging alone would cost at least double that if it was a high end brand! I love the idea of combining the shades or using them alone.
Sun Bronzing Blush in 100 'Marine Coral'
Another beautiful compact, with some truly gorgeous shades. I have swatched this and the shades are all ridiculously pigmented and I think this is gonna become one of my favourite products, I'm definitely considering ordering some of the other shades. This was reduced to £6.90!
Essential Bronzer in 200 'Warm Melange'
This is probably my favourite thing I ordered , look at the size of it! This will last me forever and I'm sure it smells like chocolate. I have swatched this too and again, it is sooo pigmented. This is a very warm shade, so for someone as pale as me you literally need the tiniest bit. This was reduced to £7.90!
Long Lasting Lipstick in 02 'Coral Pink'
Having heard great things about these I was delighted to see them reduced to £3.40! I don't usually use lipsticks as I find them drying, but I definitely had to give this a go. This is a really nice colour but after quickly testing it, I think I would have to have a clear gloss or something over it as it does feel quite dry.
Ultra Glossy Stylo in 804 'Pearly Watermelon'
This wasn't in the sale but it caught my eye and was £4.90 so wasn't expensive anyway. This has a lovely texture, and looks reallly nice on. It feels lovely and light on your lips, like you aren't wearing anything at all. I really like this, its already moved home into my handbag!
Kiss Balm in 03 'Tutti Frutti'
Another product I have heard great things about, this was also not in the sale and was priced at £5.90. It smells gorgeous, I can't decide what it smells like exactly but it just reminds me of being a kid in a sweet shop getting a pick'n'mix! This is super hydrating, which is perfect for me. It is quite sheer, so its quite natural looking, another great lip product!
Eyebrow Wax Fixing Pencil
I have been wanting this for a while and this was also full price and cost me £5.90. I usually use a clear eyebrow mascara to set my eyebrows, so wanted to try this out and see if it does a better job of keeping them in place.
Automatic Eyeshadow - EyeTech Look in '04 Bronze'
This appealed to me firstly because of the price, reduced to £2.90 you can't go wrong really, and secondly, because anything that is apparently easy, is good in my books!
They also threw in some free samples of some of their skincare products. Sachets like this are usually too small for me to work out if I like a product of not, I usually get on fine with a product then a week later, the dry skin sets in, but I will definitely give these a go!
I am so happy with this order and can't wait to try out everything properly. Let me know what you want me to review, just leave me a comment and I will do it ASAP :)
Thanks for reading!
What are your favourite Kiko products?
Emily :) x


  1. Nice haul! Where did you get these from? I couldn't seem to get access to their official website :) x

    1. Thanks! They do have a website you can order online from but it seems to be down today :( I tried to get on their a few times today to look at more shades for the bronzer and bronzing blush! Xxx

  2. The bronzer and blush look very nice... and I like the packaging!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. They are lovely! The packaging is so gorgeous, I love it! :) xxx