Thursday, 27 June 2013

Selfridges Limited Edition Festival Beauty Box!

Hey guys,
Yesterday my postman bought me lots of goodies and one of the things he delivered was my Selfridges order, I got the Limited Edition Festival Beauty Box and two other beauty products from the sale which I will post about soon.
So, this box is limited edition and they sell out pretty quick, so if you want to order one you can find it HERE for £25 which is a great price considering the products combined total is £110!
So, it comes in a pretty basic box that's really flimsy so that went straight in the bin, I like the Glossybox boxes, they're so sturdy and great for storage.
You get a total of 11 items, with some well known brands and others less known, but still a great selection, none the less. The theme is 'Festival' and they really have done well sticking to that, although I won't be attending any festivals, I'll get plenty of use out of this lot!
NPW Mini Scented Hand & Face Wipes - 10 Wipes
I carry some mini wipes in my handbag everywhere I go, you never realise how handy they are until you forget to bring them! I like that these are suitable for hands and face, usually you get one or the other, so these are definitely a welcome addition. These are scented, I really don't like unscented wipes, so I'm glad of that!
Cowshed Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel - 50ml
Another item that is never absent from my handbag is my beloved hand sanitiser, I am, admittedly, a complete germaphobe. So, my handbag is definitely making some new friends today, as this will definitely replace the ugly looking one I got from PC World because it was reduced to 10p that currently lives there, haha.
This is a natural anti-bacterial gel with essential oils of sweet orange and peppermint and it definitely smells of peppermint. This is alcohol-free which is great, as I hate the smell of the alcohol ones. It is also enriched with a corn-derived moisturiser, so I'm definitely happy that it is moisturising because my hands are so dry at the moment!
NPW Chubby Glitter Stick - 12g
This is a pink glitter stick that to be honest I don't think I will ever use...unless me and my best friend get bored again and decide to go out in public with crazy makeup on, and a pair of tights on our heads like we did once before, don't ask, haha.
NPW recommend applying to 'cheeks, collar bones, arms, legs or wherever you want to sparkle!' They also recommend for use at fancy dress, parties, festivals and for summer fun.
Sol de Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Mist - 150ml
I really like this, I hate being hot so this is the perfect product for me and a big 150ml bottle should get me through the three days of hot weather we would be likely to expect this summer in England, the way things are going right now! You can use it on your face and body, it really does have a cooling effect.
Illamasqua Liquid Metal in 'Surge' - 8g (Full Size)
This is a multi-use pigmented metallic cream, Illamasqua recomment using it to 'adorn eyes, face and body'. It almost intimidated me looking at the pot and seeing a pewter, silvery shade staring back at me. But I have just swatched it and I think it would look nice on the eyes, maybe on top of a powder eyeshadow to just give a bit of shimmer, I will have to experiment with this one!
Violent Lips Lip Appliques in Warm Rainbow - 3 Temporary Lip Appliques
This is three of those crazy lip design appliques in a warm rainbow design, almost like temporary tattoos but for the lips. I have no idea how they work, but I will definitely test these out with some friends or hopefully my fiancee (haha) soon and post some pictures for you guys!
Topshop Lip Crayon in 'Powder Room' - 1.6g
Powder Room is a gorgeous, wearable pale pink shade that gives a matte finish, I find matte lip products too drying so I will definitely be putting a clear gloss on top of this.
Coloursmash Hair Shadow - 4.1g
'Smash it on. Seal with spray. Wash it out' is how you are supposed to use this product according to Coloursmash. This is something I would never, ever buy but I could definitely have some fun with this, the glitter stick and the lip appliques!
BareMinerals Pretty Amazing Moxie Lip Gloss - 4ml
I won a BareMinerals lip gloss in a competition last week and really liked it, so I was really happy for this to be included! I'm not usually a lip gloss kinda gal, but I'm going through a  'broadening my horizons' phase! This is such a gorgeous shade too!
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in Navy - 2g
As, I said just now, I'm enduring a 'broadening my horizons' phase, so I'm looking forward to trying out an eye liner in a colour other than black! These eyeliner pens get great reviews and are described as 'easy to control' - my shaky hands definitely approve of this claim!
Apparently it is 'Smudgeproof, fadeproof and above all, foolproof', sounds good to me!
Azature Nail Lacquer in Champagne - 15ml
Saving the best 'till last, I was thrilled to see this being included! This brand currently sells a 15ml bottle of nail polish on Selfridges for £160,000, made from 267 carat black diamonds, I often wonder if there has been anyone crazy enough to buy it! This is a much cheaper version, obviously, but still retails at £17 and it is literally the most gorgeous shimmery, brown colour, I cannot wait to try this out! This still contains real black diamonds, how crazy is that?! I think I am in love.
So, even though there are few things I wouldn't use (unless it was for a laugh), there are still some amazing products and some others that I cannot wait to experiment with in my latest mission of broadening my horizons! 
Remember if you want this, be quick! They sell out fast :)
Thanks for reading!
What is your favourite thing in this box?
Emily :) x


  1. Really great products! I'd love the Topshop lip crayon and the nail polish. So pretty!

    1. I will definitely have to do a post on that nail varnish, I have high hopes for it! :) xxx

  2. This looks like such great deal! I think the Colorsmash hair shadow is my favorite! xx Rena

    Kiss and Make Up

    1. It really is great value for money! So many new things to try out :) xxx

  3. Ooo, I see Topshop makeup, definitely thinking of getting this- such a great deal!

    Bea xx

    1. It is so worth it! :) Such a good mix of products/brands xxx

  4. This is such good value. I love the nail polish :) x

    1. Me too! Can't wait to try it out :) It is amazing value! xxx