Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Huge Fragrance Direct Haul!

Hey everyone!
As a present for our five year anniversary my fiancée Luke said he would treat me, so I decided on a big Fragrance Direct order! :) I went mad with the eyeshadows and in particular neutral shades as that is pretty much all I will wear. I love Fragrance Direct, you can get some amazing products that are crazy cheap!
So, here's what I got:
Considering this came to just over £50, I got sooo much! Mostly eyeshadows, haha, I don't know what came over me, I just went a bit mad, the prices were too good, that's my excuse.
I couldn't get the shades to show up very well, but the majority are just neutral shades. Here are all the Rimmel ones I got.
First row - left to right:
1. Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow in shade 002 Smokey Brun - £1.99
2. Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eye Shadow in shade 621 Orion - £1.99
3. Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow in shade 007 Heart of Gold - £1.99
Second Row - left to right:
1. Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow - 160 Punchy Taupe - £0.99
2. Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow - 300 Night Jewel - £0.99
3. Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow - 130 Tribute - £0.99
Third Row - left to right:
1. Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow - 180 Gold Rush - £0.99
2. Rimmel Colour Rush Mono Eye Shadow Metallic - 104 VIP - £0.99
3. Rimmel Colour Rush Eye Shadow Classic Chic Duo - 322 Sweetheart - £0.99
Here's the other eyeshadows I got from other brands:
Jemma Kidd Tone on Tone Duo - 02 Cashmere - £2.99
Calvin Klein Intense Eyeshadow - 127 Horizon - £1.99
Maybelline My Mono Eyeshadow - 718 - £0.75
L'oreal Colour Infaillible - 012 Endless Chocolat - £1.50
UNE Top 3 Eye Palette - £3.99
Fragrance Direct is the main place I buy nail polishes from, so here's the nail bits I got:
Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Cuticle Cream - £1.75
Essie - Fear & Desire - £1.99
Essie - Action - £1.99
Essie - Mojito Madness - £1.99
L'oreal Colour Riche - 205 Rose Bagatelle - £1.20
Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Colour Dryer - £1.50
This is probably my favourite thing I got from my whole order. I have O.P.I polishes, but none of the nail treatments, so this was a perfect way to try it out and also a perfect present for someone too. This O.P.I Tiny Treats set cost £5.99, here's what it includes:
30ml Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
25pk Expert Touch Nail Wipes
3.75ml ChipSkip Nail Lacquer Chip Preventor
3.75ml Original Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengthener
3.75ml RapiDry Top Coat
all in a cute little travel case!
Then I got some lipsticks and balms, these ones are the L'oreal Colour Riche Shine Gelee Lipsticks for £1.75 each.
Left to right: 303 Sweet Tea, 501 Light Garnet and 500 Strawberry Juice.
I also got these lip products:
Left to right -
UNE Sheer Lips Lip Balm - S07 - £1.99
UNE Fund Raising Lip Balm - F01 - £1.99
Calvin Klein Delicious Truth Lipstick - Retro - £1.99
Lastly, I got a Dainty Doll Powder Blusher in shade 004 You Are My Sunshine for £1.99 and a Girlz Only Party Nights dry shampoo for £0.99.
So thankyou to my wonderful fiancée for treating me to this huuuuge haul, I can't wait to use it all :)
Thanks for reading!
Have you got any of these products?
Emily :) x


  1. I didn't realise they had une products on fragrance direct now!Off to make a quick order,ha!

    The Lightness Of Beauty

    1. They have so many UNE products! They're definitely new on the site :) xxx

  2. WOW! That's a lot of products! I want to get treated to beauty products. Can't wait to see your reviews and swatches. I tagged you in my Seven Deadly Sins tag post http://abeautymoment.blogspot.com/2013/06/seven-deadly-sins-of-beauty-tag.html . I'd love to see you give it a try :)

    1. I know! I'm so lucky :) I definitely have so many products to review now!
      Thank you so much for tagging me, I will definitely do it :) xxx

  3. You got soo much! I placed an order with them last night too and can't wait for it to arrive!
    I ordered 'bikini so teeny' by Essie - I've been lusting after it for ages!


    1. I know, I went a bit crazy! I can never wait either, I got bikini so teeny a few months ago from there, it is so lovely :) xxx

  4. I'm so jealous! Especially of the OPI set, it sounds fabulous! xx

    1. I was definitely spoilt! It really is a great set :) can't wait to try everything out! Xxx

  5. wow this site looks amazing! thankyou another great post!


    1. It is such a good site, couldn't recommend it more! :) thanks so much :) xxx