Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bourjois Nail Polish & Lipstick Queen Review

Hi everyone :)

Today I want to show you two completely different things, the reason I'm putting them in the same post is because I won them both in competitions. Honestly, everyone should enter competitions, I only started doing them about two months ago (online) and I have already won three things; an Osprey London handbag (worth £145!), two Bourjois nail varnishes and three Lipstick Queen lipsticks!

So I wanted to review these for you. Firstly, I am a bit of a nail polish fanatic, I am obsessed and am building up quite a collection. So when I receieved two Bourjois So Laque nail polishes in the post last week, I couldn't have been happier!

The first is shade '03 BCBeige' and is sort of a stone colour, which I can't wait to try out. The second shade is '08 Peach and Love' which I adore. You can buy them pretty much anywhere that sells nail polish and they cost about £5.99 usually.

My best friend came over last night and she is also nail obsessed, so she used the Peach and Love shade to paint my nails with some white polka dots in 'Alpine Snow' by O.P.I then to finish, Seche Vite's Dry Fast Top Coat. I think they look great and I'm so pleased with the colours! :)

They claim to last 'up to 10 days', so we will see!

The second prize my postman bought me this week was a set of three lipsticks from Lipstick Queen.

I've not heard of Lipstick Queen before but am eager to try them. I don't usually wear lipsticks as my lips can get really dry and they never help with that. Though, I have started to wear them a lot more now the weather is warming up and my lips aren't so horribly chapped!

The first shade is called 'Saint Nude' which retails at £18 HERE, The second is 'Trance' which retails at £20 HERE and lastly, 'Medieval' which retails at £20 HERE .

I was so surprised at how 'Medieval' came out, expecting it to be a vibrant, deep red, but after reading more about these lipsticks, they only show a hint of colour on application, so they are very sheer. They are described as a 'perfect alternative to lipgloss without being a full coverage lipstick' so I'm excited to try these out as I think that's the sort of thing I would like, but if you want bold colours for your lips, these lipsticks probably aren't for you!

Anyway, I am so pleased with my prizes I won and looking forward to trying out the lipsticks! Hope you enjoyed reading :)

Have you tried Bourjois So Laque nail polishes or Lipstick Queen's lipsticks?

Emily :) x


  1. I love the way you did your nails, so cute!
    I'm following you now via GFC and Bloglovin, I hope you'll follow me back!

  2. Thank you :) my friend did them for me :) I'm following you back on both!


  3. I love your blog so much! Obsessed .. opps!
    Just wondering.. do the nail polishes chip easily, cause my nails are the worse for chipping!

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      I'll have to let you know! It's been a whole day and no chips yet! Some chip within hours don't they?!


  4. Well done on winning! Love the nail varnsihes, such cute colours.

    Just found your blog... love it! Followed ♥

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. Thanks so much! I have followed you back on bloglovin and gfc :)