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Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Review

Hello :)

This post is going to be a review of the 'Confessions of a Concealaholic' kit by Benefit. I got this for Christmas and use it pretty much every day. As usual when it comes to Benefit, the packaging is gorgeous, they've made it look like a little diary, which I love.

I was new to Benefit last year but now I am a huge Benefit fan, this kit being on of my favourites. Here's what it looks like inside, it is kinda grubby because I use it everyday but it isn't too bad!

On the left hand side is a mirror, which is obviously a welcome addition. Another thing I like about this kit is the dual ended brushes that are labelled with what product you should use for each brush.
Firstly, there's a sample size tube of "That Gal" brightening face primer. I haven't actually used this much because I always use Benefit's Porefessional instead, but this is still a lovely primer. It is very lightweight and a pale pink in colour as it comes out of the tube, it leaves the skin so silky and smooth, a perfect base for foundation and it smells really good too!
Here's what the primer looks like as it comes out of the tube, its such a lovely texture and gives the face a really nice glow.
Here are some swatches of the different products, as you can see the concealers in the medium shades (shade 02) are way too dark for me and even shade one is too dark, I can get it to work if I use the tiniest bit and completely blend it out. I tend not to use these concealers for obvious reasons with the colouring, but its a shame because I really like the texture and coverage they give.
Eye Bright is used to brighten the inner corner of the eye and I think it works pretty well. I don't use it every day as I don't feel it makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of my eyes.
Last and definitely not least is Lemon Aid a colour correcting eyelid primer. It is one of my all time favourite products and when I decided to write this blog, this was one of the first products that came to mind. I named this blog 'frecklesandflaws' as I definitely have a lot of both them things, haha. So, here's time for me to show you one of my flaws, I guess! 
Being incredibly pale, my skin is completely translucent in places which means you can see my veins in some areas, mostly my eyelids (something I really hate)! So Lemon Aid is a life saver for me, it really helps with something I really hate, so here's some pictures of how great a job it does!

You can see the difference is huge and it is even more apparent in real life! It actually looks like I have a black eye, haha.
Here's my eye without any makeup on at all.

Here's my eye with only Lemon Aid to help mask my veins on my eyelids. As you can see the difference is amazing and I will never stop using this product, so they better not discontinue it in my lifetime, haha!
You can buy this kit HERE on the Benefit website, but it is also available at plenty of other stores too. It costs £28.50 which is pretty expensive and as the shades aren't suited to my skin colour I probably wouldn't buy it again, I would just go for the Lemon Aid on its own, but it was a great way for me to try Benefit makeup and I would definitely recommend this to a Benefit newbie or someone with a medium tone skin! :) Everything in this kit is available to buy full size individually :)
I've been brave showing my flaws, so I hope this helps someone out there! That's what I wanted this blog to do, to show people that I'm not perfect, I have my flaws, my skin is not the best but I still love makeup and want to share my beauty discoveries with you! :) 
I had been wanting to start this blog for ages but I was always paranoid that if I took a closeup picture my freckles might show or maybe my veins on my eyelids for example and I wouldn't have perfect skin, then I would think to myself 'why would someone take advice from someone that doesn't have flawless skin?!' But, then I realised, that's what I wanted to do, I wanted to accept my flaws, embrace them and conquer them in the beauty world :) I always envied people with flawless skin and strived for that airbrushed look but now I accept my flaws and I'm always on the look out for products to help me with them and its made me love makeup even more as well as becoming more confident and self accepting :)
Sorry, I rambled a bit there, haha. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading!
What Benefit products are your favourites?
Emily :) x

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