Saturday, 29 June 2013

Baker Days Personalised Letterbox Cake Review

Hi everyone,
This morning I'm posting about something a little different, my first post that isn't makeup/skincare related!
I got sent a cake* from Baker Days , a company that specialises in personalised cakes. They have many different types of cakes and four different sizes to choose from. I was sent a letterbox cake, which is obviously perfect size to fit through your letterbox. I LOVE this idea, I think it is such a nice gift for someone and I will 100% be repurchasing for my friend's birthdays.
It comes packaged in a sturdy box and inside they had popped in a little card, that you could put a message on for your friend, and also a little packet of love hearts sweets. The tin the cake comes in is so sweet and I will definitely reuse it. They really did well with packaging and I think it would be pretty hard for this to get damaged in the post.
So, this is how it looks once you have opened the tin. As I said earlier, they are personalised and you can personalise them with any picture or message you like! I chose this owl pattern that I found on Google, as I love owls :) The pattern transfered beautifully and I was so pleased with the overall look of the cake.
You can choose to have a letterbox cake in four flavours, sponge cake at £14.99 or for an extra £2; fruit cake, chocolate chip cake or gluten and wheat free cake. I chose the gluten and wheat free as my fiancee is on a gluten free diet and he finds it so hard to find gluten free food that actually tastes like food. So, I got one for us to both to try to see if we could taste the difference.
This cake was delicious, I cannot fault it in any way, especially on taste. I expected a gluten free cake to taste of cardboard, but it was full of flavour and completely delicious. I could not tell it was different to a normal sponge cake at all. Usually I'm not a fan of icing on cakes, I usually find it far too sweet, but this icing was perfect!
It comes wrapped in plastic and has instructions on the top for how to remove the cake without damaging it. I cannot get over how cute this design is too! I will definitely be getting a letterbox cake made with a photo on it for my best friends on their birthdays! How nice would it be to get that little surprise pop through your letterbox? The idea is just brilliant, my Mum is already planning who she's going to send them out for!
This cake is perfect, I could not believe how fresh and moist it was, It tasted like it was freshly made. I ordered it and it came 48 hours later, which is brilliant service, but you can also pay for it to come within 2-3 days with express delivery. Which is perfect for when you almost forget someone's birthday!
At £14.99 I think it is a great price and an excellent gift idea for anyone and suitable for all occasions. You can buy and personalise your own letterbox cake at Baker Days .
Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x


  1. I love those owls! These sound like such a good idea. Love it x

    1. They're adorable aren't they?! They are an amazing idea and taste great too! :) xxx